Best Galapagos Books

The most important Galapagos Books ever written about these enchanted Islands located in South America.


I have selected the most relevant books about these enchanted Islands, so I guarantee that you will get high quality and useful information on each of them.

(There's also some recommended Ecuador books at the bottom of this page). Click on the image of the book of your interest for more details.

Recommended Galapagos Books

Marine Life of the Galapagos: Brand-new guidebook focusing exclusively on marine life and diving in the Galapagos.

240 superb color photographs with stunning underwater shots, including of a significant number of new species never before published.

Written by a world-acclaimed expert on the Galapagos with an undeniable love of diving and marine life and many years experience.

Easy-to-use maps, plans and diving information. Authoritative and informative text on the marine life and best dive sites. 240 color photos and 20 maps.

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An Identification Guide to the Birds, Mammals, and Reptiles of the Galapagos Islands: is the first comprehensive guide to the unique wildlife of the Islands, encompassing the birds, mammals, and reptiles a visitor to these extraordinary islands might encounter.

One of the Galapagos books with an innovative, simple-to-use format of the pocket-sized volume will help beginners and experts alike to identify with confidence the striking and charismatic Galapagos fauna.

Lonely Planet Ecuador & Galapagos: From the beautifully preserved colonial capital of Quito to remote Andean villages such as Chugchil├ín, Ecuador presents innumerable options for independent travelers.

Whether you're interested in climbing the magnificent volcanoes of the Andean highlands, exploring the jungle of the verdant Oriente or swimming with sea lions in the equatorial waters off the Galapagos Islands.

This essential guide tells you everything you will need to know to travel through this enchanting country.

The Beak of the Finch: For more than 20 years Rosemary and Peter Grant have divided their time between Daphne Major in the Galapagos and Princeton University.

On the tiny island they have intensively studied six species of Darwin's ground finches; at Princeton, they analyze their collected data. In following their work Weiner ( Planet Earth ) tells a remarkable story of continuing evolution, and of the painstaking research that reveals it.

The Grants documented two dramatic changes in the finches: after a drought in 1977 reduced their numbers by 85%, the surviving birds became larger, in weight, wingspan and beak; after El Nino's floods in 1983, the trend was reversed.

Wildlife of the Galapagos: The Galapagos is a truly special place. Unlike the rest of the world's archipelagos, it still has 95 percent of its pre-human quota of species.

Wildlife of the Galapagos is the most superbly illustrated and comprehensive identification guide ever to the natural splendor of these incomparable islands. Today threatened by alien species and diseases that have diminished but not destroyed what so enchanted Darwin on his arrival there in 1835.

Covering over 200 commonly seen birds, mammals, reptiles, invertebrates, and plants (This is one of the best Galapagos books I've read).

Galapagos Wildlife: focuses on the unique inhabitants of the Pacific islands west of Ecuador which have intrigued visitors and natural history enthusiasts ever since Charles Darwin's fist visit on HMS Beagle.

Written and illustrated by licensed Galapagos tour guides, Galapagos Wildlife covers every aspect of both land and marine wildlife.

From the giant tortoises that gave their name to the island to the 13 species of Darwin's finches, readers will be by turns fascinated, amused and amazed.

Ecuador Books

The Birds of Ecuador: Ecuador has some 500 more bird species than Colombia and is arguably the richest birding country on the planet.

A great set of books, no doubt about that! For the first time, there is a full set of very useful color plates for one of the core South American countries.

It is certainly a great accomplishment to have all the species pictured in color and on a more or less consistent standard. The field guide volume has excellent range maps and very helpful comprehensive texts.

Ecuador, 5th: Climbing & Hiking: Ecuador's mountains and volcanoes have drawn climbers and hikers for decades. Since 1984 Bradt has been guiding them to the snow-capped summits of such giants as Cotopaxi and Chimborazo and down through the cloud forests to the Amazon basin.

Extreme adventure is provided by routes up Ecuador's most challenging rock-faces, while leisurely walks take visitors through highland villages where the colorful local people follow centuries-old agricultural practices.

The usual attention to natural history and local culture makes this a guide not just for trekkers but for all travelers.

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