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Issue #125, March 2009

Table of Contents:

1) The Prince of Wales Visits Quito and Galapagos
2) Famous Actor Richard Gere Touring Galapagos
3) Galapagos Tours for Children

Galapagos Weather Update: Tropical showers are not too overwhelming, lasting short periods. The ocean is generally calm due to the absence of the south east trade winds.

Some land based species (like finches, mockingbirds, lizards, land iguanas, tortoises) will reproduce at this time of the year since there are plenty of food sources available: plants for insects, seeds for finches, flowers for iguanas, etc.

Expect calm waters and virtually non strong currents, perfect for Snorkeling and swimming.

1) The Prince of Wales Visits Quito and Galapagos: Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, were recently visiting Ecuador. The Prince of Wales has spent more than 20 years campaigning on environmental issues.

Charles had a great time in Galapagos. Read a complete review here

2) Richard Gere Touring Galapagos: Gere with his wife and son explored the Galapagos Islands recently. They met the Giant Tortoise called Lonesome George, which is the last living member of the Geochelone abigdoni tortoise species from Floreana Island.

Read more about the visit of Richard Gere in Galapagos

3) Galapagos Tours for Children: The new Tours for children program in Galapagos is called Young Pirates program and it is aimed for young Galapagos Explorers. This program is oriented at children ranging between ages 7 to 12 years old.

Learn more about this new tour option in Galapagos

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