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Issue #123, January 2008

Table of Contents:

1) Galapagos Activities
2) Galapagos Baltra Island
3) Galapagos Santiago Island

Weather Update: The Galapagos Islands weather can be one of the most fascinating features of the Archipelago. Of course, most visitors only experience Galapagos once in their lifetime, so they see one or the other season.

It would be advisable for visitors that want to return to the Galapagos Islands, to make sure they arrange a trip at a different time of the year than the one they came in first. For this month of January, the warm waters are back, humidity has increased, and sunny days are expected.


1) Galapagos Activities: Learn more about the different activities you will be able to perform and enjoy according to the Island you visit. Some of these activities inlcude walking on amazing black lava formations, uphill hikes, swimming and snorkeling surrounded by unique marine animals.

Read more about Galapagos activities here

2) Galapagos Baltra Island: Baltra is also known as South Seymour Island. The main airport of Galapagos is located here and it was originally built by the U.S. military in 1941 (during World War II). This is also the place where the Naturalist Guides will be waiting for you to begin exploring the different islands in Galapagos.

This Island is flat and dry, surrounded by sea cliffs and a few beaches. It is mostly lowland with some opuntia cactus and other small trees.

Click here to read a complete review on Baltra Island

3) Galapagos Santiago Island: This Galapagos Island is a fascinating place to visit due to its past volcanic activity. It has many visitor sites with spectacular landscapes worth exploring.

Among the recommended locations to visit are Puerto Egas, Sullivan Bay, Espumilla beach and more.

Here is the complete description of Santiago Island

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