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Issue #108, March 2004

1) Galapagos' Curious & Amazing Facts
2) Galapagos Giant Tortoises
3) Stargazing in Galapagos

1) Galapagos Curious & Amazing Facts: The wondrous Galapagos world is full of mysteries, hidden facts and interesting stories.

This new section will keep us all not only informed, but also in awe about curious facts of this amazing destination, here are some of them:

  • Flamingos feed with their heads upside down (don't try this at home!)
  • Galapagos is 1,000 Kms (612 nautical miles) west of Ecuadr in South America.
  • The last volcanic eruption in Galapagos was on Isabela Island, in 1998.
  • The wingspan of a Waved Albatross is 2.54 to 3.51 meters. It is Galapagos' largest bird.
  • There are over 800 species of mollusks in Galapagos. About 18% are endemic.
  • Galapagos lacks naturally of hummingbirds, conipherous plants and fresh-water fishes.

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2) Galapagos Giant Tortoises: Still seen up in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island: Yes, while visiting the highlands of Santa Cruz island, you can still find giant tortoises in the wild.

Most have migrated to much lower elevations, but few adults still roam where our highland trips take place. Six enormous tortoises were spotted in the lush highlands. They will start migrating back to the highlands by late April.

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3) Stargazing in Galapagos: The almost-always clear nights of the Galapagos Hot Season not only bring balmy nights, but amazingly clear nights.

Highlights as of 21h00 include constellations like Orion, Vela, Carina, and a little later watch the Southern Cross rise above the horizon, next to Centaurus, and Musca.

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