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Issue #109, April 2004

1) UPDATE Miss Universe in Quito-Ecuador
2) Charles Darwin Discovery Months
3) Galapagos Amazing Facts (Did You Know...)

1) UPDATE Miss Universe in Quito-Ecuador: Quito, the Capital of Ecuador, will host Miss Universe 2004.

The Miss Universe contest will be held in Ecuador in 2004, it will be the window to the world, to show 1000 million persons in 180 countries, the natural and cultural beauty of Ecuador and launch it as a world preferred tour destination.

The owner of Miss Universe Organization, Donald Trump, officially confirmed that the beauty contest will take place in Ecuador this year.

The city of Quito, located at 2800 meters (9200 feet) above sea level, in the Ecuadorian Andes, possesses the largest Colonial quarter in all of the Americas, and was designated by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site.

The event will take place on June first, but the 82 candidates will arrive in Ecuador a month before. The visit of 600 journalists is also awaited, so large press coverage and publicity is expected. The NBC Network will broadcast the contest live.

A video showing Ecuador's main attractions will be presented during the show; apart of the tourist attractions, it will focus on business possibilities, production, recreational and social activities and special interest.

The Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism will make sure that not only the capital city of Quito is shown, but also all the tour destinations in the different regions of Ecuador: Coast, Highlands, Amazon Rain Forest and the Galapagos Islands.

The Miss Ecuador 2004, Miss Maria Susana Rivadeneira, is already intensely preparing for her participation in Miss Universe, as she is the Ecuadorian host of this event.

The final competition will take place on June first, and will be transmitted live to all the world via the NBC Network. Miss Universe 2004 will be elected.

The competition will take place very close to the monument that marks the Equator or Middle of the World.

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2) Charles Darwin Discovery Months: September 15, 1835: San Cristobal Island is the place that sees a young Englishman setting foot upon one of Earth's most pristine areas: the Galapagos.

For a period of five weeks the HMS Beagle sails in Galapagos waters under the command of Captain Robert Fitzroy. Their mission: to survey isolated places hardly visited by navigators.

This list of places included Cape Horn, Australia & New Zealand, Galapagos, Tahiti, and more. The young Charles Darwin spent only two weeks ashore, and it was enough time for him to catch a glimpse of what is natural selection.

Little did he know, it would take him almost 25 years after his Galapagos visit, to publish the book The Origin of Species.

More About Charles Darwin Biography

3) Galapagos Amazing Facts (Did You Know...) The wondrous Galapagos world is full of mysteries, hidden facts and interesting stories. For example:

  • Galapagos Marine Iguanas can stay for up to 30 minutes underwater while feeding
  • The sea temperature variation from one extreme season to another can be as much as 12°C (23°F)
  • Giant tortoises (Galapagos) can live up to a year aboard ships without water or food
  • Galapagos Penguins are the closest penguins to Polar Bears (did you know there are no penguins in the north pole, and there are no polar bears in the south pole?)
  • About 50 species of Galapagos fishes are endemic to Galapagos

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