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Issue #110, May 2004

1) The Marine Iguanas: Nesting Season
2) Galapagos Climate Update
3) Economic Galapagos Tours

1) The Marine Iguanas: Nesting Season: The most amazing marine reptile of the Galapagos Islands is certainly the Marine Iguana (Amblyrhynchus cristatus).

What makes this species unique to our planet, is that there is no other lizard in the world that feeds in the ocean. Its main diet is different species of seaweed (algae).

The most amazing characteristic (actually tested by Charles Darwin in 1835) is their diving ability: they can stay submerged for about 30 minutes, and may dive to depths of 12 meters (37 feet).

Physiologically, they can perform bradycardia (the opposite of tachycardia), and this allows them to voluntarily drop their heart-beat rate in order to maximize their oxygen intake. This is a common feature of other vertebrates like pinnipeds and cetaceans.

Some of the most rewarding marine iguana nesting can be observed particularly at Punta Suarez, Espanola Island, Punta Espinoza, Fernandina Island, and Puerto Egas at James Island.

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2) Galapagos Climate Update. Beautiful Transition Days: The gradual arrival of the dry season has started, and the most dramatic change in April is how quickly the vegetation dries up.

By most Galapagos visitors, April and May are considered the most rewarding months in the Islands, particularly for its weather pattern.

Some use the expression "these are the months when most things happen", but we rather interpret these times as those of a transition pattern, where you can still find the true expectations of the tropics and the beautifully combined with the first subtropical days of the year.

The Galapagos marine ecosystems have both patterns throughout the year, but transition months are great for experiencing best of both worlds.

These periods are April-May-June (from the hot season to the dry season) and November-December-January (from the dry season to the hot season).

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3) Economic Galapagos Tours: We have real affordable Galapagos Tours with the best hotel options, comfortable yachts and the highest standards of service.

These are combined Galapagos trips (sea and land). You will be doing yacht excursions to the nearby Islands during the day and returning to the hotel of your choice in the afternoons.

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