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Issue #111, July 2004

1) Galapagos Bird Swallow-tail gulls
2) The City of Loja in Ecuador
3) Celebration of the World Environment Day

Galapagos Bird Swallow-tail gulls: Amongst the unusual list of Galapagos birds, we find this endemic sea bird. Endemism in sea birds is low due to their high dispersal ability, but given the right isolating conditions, the resulting adaptations are quite interesting.

The swallow-tail gull (Creagrus furcatus) is the world's only night-feeding gull, and nests along the coastline or in some cases in cliffs like in Genovesa and South Plaza Islands.

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2) The City of Loja: is located in a valley in the southern part of Ecuador, 2.100 meters above sea level (6.800 feet), surrounded by mountains and two rivers Zamora and Malacatos. Loja city is a combination of unique province quietness and city agitation.

Loja has become a touristic attraction because of the beautiful architecture of its historic downtown, with narrow streets, houses, which facades have been painted with strong colors that call the attention of visitors.

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3) Celebration of the World Environment Day: This is a message from the General Secretary of United Nations on World Environment Day:

The marine environment is facing challenges that, if not addressed immediately and effectively, will have profound implications for sustainable development.

The theme of World Environment Day 2004 — Wanted! Seas and Oceans: Dead or Alive? — emphasizes that society can no longer view the world's seas as a convenient dumping ground for our waste, or as an unlimited source of plenty.

On this World Environment Day, I urge governments, businesses and individuals everywhere to show renewed respect for the seas and oceans from whence all life on earth originated.

Let us all do our utmost to ensure that the world's most prolific natural resource is protected and sustainably managed for generations to come.

Kofi A. Annan United Nations General Secretary

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