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Issue #112, August 2004

Table of Contents:

1) Galapagos Sharks
2) Galapagos Vegetation
3) The city of Ibarra in Ecuador
4) Ecuador Volcanoes

1) Galapagos Sharks: Galapagos shark a cartilaginous skeletal system (not bones) and a bad reputation. Sharks are fish that also inhabit the waters of Galapagos, and when seen, they generate in our guests an experience that combines some degree of fear, adrenaline and repetition. Only extreme sports generate this reaction.

Meet the Galapagos Shark

2) Galapagos Vegetation: Just like the marine environment of Galapagos, the botanical attributes of the islands receive very little coverage. The plants in the Islands, however, are amongst the most incredible examples of Island evolutionary biology.

Not only there are many species that are endemic to the islands, all well adapted to a tropical but dry environment, but these same plants are the living grounds for many sea-dependant species like boobies and frigatebirds.

Exotic Galapagos Islands Vegetation

3) The city of Ibarra in Ecuador: On a wide and green valley, at the foot of Imbabura volcano, two hours north of Quito, is the city of Ibarra, capital of the Province of Imbabura. The city was named after don Miguel de Ibarra, who founded this city in 1606 on behalf of the Spanish Crown.

More About Ecuador Ibarra

4) Ecuador Volcanoes: Ecuador's newest tourist attraction in the Andes Mountains. Ecuador, where the snowcapped peaks and green valleys of the Andes Mountains are stunningly beautiful, has a new attraction for tourists: volcano watching.

Volcanoes in Ecuador

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