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Issue #113, October 2004

Table of Contents:

1) Galapagos Skywatching
2) Galapagos Weather Update
3) Mindo Cloud Forest in Ecuador
4) Ecuador Geography

1) Galapagos Skywatching: The beauty of Galapagos continues at night. Stargazing in Galapagos is incredible due to the fact that the Islands have no artificial light pollution (like in a large city) and that the southern skies are just packed with unique constellations, and some very bright stars.

Now, what is happening during October in our night sky as celestial highlights? First of all, as the Equinox approaches near September 23, days are just becoming equal, and later in October the Great Square of Pegasus can be seen from both hemispheres.

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2) Galapagos Weather Update: October will continue to hold strong as the end-peak months. The strong south east trade winds continue to blow hard from the south, and the waters remain productive as ever.

Air temperatures will stay within the 24°C-27°C (78°F-83°F) and with humidity levels no higher than 45%. Days are quite pleasant with dry air, some sun, and lots of wind while sailing.

Water temperatures remain in the temperate side, and will show an average of 22°C (74°F). For most visitors who plan to snorkel, bringing a wet suit will make the difference between a great trip and a good trip.

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3) Mindo Cloud Forest in Ecuador: This beautiful valley of Mindo is only an hour and 45 minutes from Quito on the lower flanks of the western Andes in the Province of Pichincha.

The Valley of Mindo is excellent for birth-watching and it is part of the protected 48,000-acre (19,200 hectares) Mindo-Nambillo Reserve.

Mindo Ecuador Cloud Forest

4) Ecuador Geography: Ecuadorian territory is bisected North to South by the Andes Mountain range, which divides it into four natural regions, each with its own different characteristics.

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