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Issue #116, May 2005

Table of Contents:

1) Stargazing in Galapagos
2) The courtship ritual of the biggest bird in the Galapagos
3) Birdwatching in Ecuador
4) Beaches in Ecuador

Brief Note: This issue of Galapagos Expedition is dedicated to Nancy Nichols and her husband (from New York) who had an incredible nice adventure in the Galapagos islands and in Ecuador while this country was on strike.

This proofs that even when Ecuador is on strike it's worth visiting it because it's still safe to do it. (Isn't Nancy?)

And this E-zine is also dedicated to my good friend Joe Simonetta who's preparing to embark on a wonderful Real Estate experience in Ecuador. Joe has written 7 books related to the art of life.

1) Stargazing in Galapagos: Stargazing in Galapagos nights have a unique characteristic: zero artificial light pollution.

A remote place in the world, with few inhabited locations, can give you spectacular starry skies.

Stargazing in Galapagos Islands

2) The courtship ritual of the biggest bird in the Galapagos: The courtship ritual of the waved albatross in the Galapagos Islands can be labeled as impressive, attractive and even comical at times.

See the Impressive Waved Albatross

3) Birdwatching in Ecuador: Birdwatching in Ecuador is an experience never to be missed during your vacations in this South American paradise.

Birdwatching in Ecuador Adventures

4) Beaches in Ecuador: The Sun's Route, guides you through the nature, history, entertainment, water sports and tourism services of the coastal provinces of Guayas and Manabi.

See the most Beautiful Beaches in Ecuador

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