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Issue #117, April 2007

Table of Contents:

1) Introduction
2) Galapagos Island Pictures
3) Galapagos Animals
4) San Cristobal Island

1) Introduction: It has been a while since our last Galapagos Expedition Newsletter. Thinking about you and because you deserve the best and most accurate information, I have been traveling all around the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador investigating and gathering more useful information to upload it on our Site.

Now this Site has more than 500 informative pages (and keeps growing) of solid content. Enjoy it!

2) Galapagos Island Pictures: The landscapes in Galapagos are incredibly beautiful. But perhaps it is the wildlife that will probably leave the most lasting impression, you will be amazed at how close you are able to get to the animals and photograph with them.

See Galapagos Island Pictures here

3) Galapagos Animals: The Galapagos animals are unique in the world due to its exotic wildlife and environment. Galapagos wildlife is one of the major attractions these Islands have to offer.

See the Most Rare Galapagos Animals

4) San Cristobal Island: This is the second most populated Island of the Archipelago. The Island has the biggest sweet water lake in Galapagos, this site offers a breathtaking landscape and it gives a good opportunity for birdwatching.

Visit Galapagos San Cristobal Island

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