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Issue #120, July 2007

Table of Contents:
1) Academy Bay in Galapagos
2) Endemic Plants of the Galapagos Islands
3) Complete description of the country of Ecuador


In this new issue we will discover Academy Bay which is a nice spot to visit in Galapagos. See a good review on the islands' endemic plants and information about the country of Ecuador.

1) Academy Bay: is the harbor that hosts the largest settlement in Galapagos. The name was given in honor to the ship Academy which was part of the California Academy of Sciences (CAS) in 1905.

More information on Academy Bay

2) Endemic plants of Galapagos: The plants in Galapagos are always in the process of evolving and changing into new species. There are more than 500 species of Galapagos plants living in the islands, and about 40 per cent of them are endemic to these set of Islands.

More about the Plants of the Galapagos Islands

3) Ecuador: This wonderful land (Country to which the Galapagos Islands belong) is located on the northwest of South America, right in the middle of the world straddling latitude 0. This incredible country has four natural regions to offer you, and are easily accessible.

Visit this page to learn more about Ecuador and its Major Cities

More About Galapagos

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Hoping you have enjoyed this new issue and to see you soon in the Galapagos Islands or Ecuador...

Best Regards

Eduardo Landazuri (Zuri)

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