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Issue #121, September 2007

Table of Contents:
1) Charles Darwin in Galapagos
2) The Galapagos Ground Finch
3) (New) Do you have a Galapagos Vacation Story? Share it...


September and October in the Galapagos Islands will continue to hold strong as the end-peak months. The strong south east trade winds continue to blow hard from the south, and the waters remain productive as ever. This will gradually start changing by late November. Evidence of a good season has been the reproduction of blue footed boobies, births of sea lions, and the constant spotting of cetaceans, particularly out in the West of the islands.


1) Charles Darwin in Galapagos: On September 15, 1835 Darwin arrived to Galapagos on board the HMS Beagle. His visit to the islands lead him to the publication of the theory of evolution by means of natural selection, in 1859.

Read the complete History of Darwin while he visited Galapagos

2) Galapagos Ground Finch: Is endemic to the Galapagos Islands. These birds have strong beaks which are useful for feeding from seeds. Some say these birds helped Darwin in developing his theory of Evolution.

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3) Galapagos Testimonials (New): If you have visited the Galapagos Islands in the past, you can now tell your story or experiences through this Web Site on-line. So share your story or read and comment about what other visitors have said in real time.

Click here to share your Galapagos story or read other visitors reviews

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