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Why take a Galapagos Islands tour?

My name is Ashley Cotter-Cairns. My family and I want to share our passion for traveling around this beautiful country of Ecuador, and especially to the Galapagos.


Have YOUR kids swum with sea lions and penguins today?

I remember when I was a kid, my parents used to take me and my brother to the Islands almost every year during our summer vacations and sometimes during Christmas.

We always used to take a tour with different travel companies on every trip to the Islands.

This is why I know which companies offer Galapagos Islands Tours, with excellent service on board comfortable ships and at a fair prices.

Also on every trip and thanks to some good Galapagos Naturalist Guides I began to know more about Galapagos, its people, wildlife, vegetation, weather, origin, land composition and so on.

So based on my own positive experiences, I decided to recommend only the best travel companies, those that will give you comfort, attention to details, excellent service and that truly over-deliver to its guests.

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I am a Business Administrator and, thanks to the success of this Web site, I was able to partner with some of the best travel companies in Galapagos and Ecuador and this site became my on-line travel company.

At MT Travel we work with passion, always over-delivering the best service possible. Our interest is to exceed the expectations of our customers by enabling them to interact with the most pure nature found in the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador.

Our Family is Here to Help

Because going to a new part of the world can be scary, we have made it as easy as possible to discover the beautiful Galapagos!

My wife, Carolina, is a native Spanish speaker. We also have our man on the ground in Quito City, Zuri, who will be happy to help with any local problems or requests.

Once you step off the plane on the islands, you will be 100 percent looked after by MT Travel. Everything, including the transfers to and from the airport, all meals, hotels, and excursions are included in our Galapagos tour prices.

Our three sons are all going to become very acquainted with the islands in the years to come!

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You can also call us on 1 450 202 0710 (EST).