Awesome Trip to Quito and the Galapagos Islands

by Lisa
(Los Angeles, CA)

Our trip to Quito and Galapagos from Christmas to New Year's was awesome, only would have like to stay longer!

In Quito, we did an all-day city tour with a private guide named Zuri. He was incredibly knowledgeable and fun to spend the day with.

We started with a cable car ride up to about 14,000 feet, walked around downtown viewing the amazing architecture, visited La Mitad del Mundo where we balanced an egg on the head of a nail, and grabbed some traditional Ecuadorian cuisine, tried to see Pululahua Volcano Crater which was too foggy, and then went to the actual center of the world museum where the actual equator is located using GPS. All of this in 1 day!

Then we headed to the Galapagos islands for 5 days of adventure. We stayed in a hotel on Santa Cruz island and then took small boats each day to visit a new island.

There is another option with staying on a boat, but if you are prone to seasickness, staying in the hotel is a great option. Each day we would have a great breakfast at our hotel and then were greeted by a tour employee who would walk us to the docks and tell us about our morning schedule.

Traveling to each island was about 90-120 minutes but we listened to music and enjoyed the peaceful scenery on the ride.

We would spend the mornings hiking and seeing amazing animals, have lunch in town or on the boat, see a bit more of the island, snorkel around and then head back to Santa Cruz.

Each day upon returning to the island, another tour employee would greet us and walk us back to the hotel telling us which restaurant in town had us on the reservation list for dinner and what time we would get picked up the next morning.

Once back at the hotel, we could shower and rest up but we always showered and then wandered around town checking out different shops, other little restaurants and bars, etc.

One night, the restaurant we were scheduled for was closed but luckily we carried around the tour company's emergency number.

We asked a local shop to use their phone and right away they answered, had us on the reservation list for a different restaurant and even were there waiting for us when we walked over to have dinner.

They ensured that we were taken care of which was really impressive!

Overall, we were truly impressed by all of our tour guides and by the entire experience. This was really a trip of a lifetime.

We learned so many things about evolution and the Galapagos ecology, saw amazing animals, ate delicious food, met informational and helpful guides and had a fantastic time.

Thank you so much Zuri and MT travel!

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