Azogues Ecuador

Azogues Ecuador is the capital of the Canar province. It lies in a high Andean valley northeast of Cuenca.


The city is a major exporter of Panama Hats and you will find these famous hats all around the city.

Azogues' economy is also based on agricultural trade, grains and fruit are cultivated in the surrounding area. Important local industries include flour milling, Panama hat making, and leather tanning.

The city takes its name from the Spanish word azogue, meaning "mercury," which is a local resource.

On the hill of the city is located the church of San Francisco de la Virgen de las Nubes.

Off the main plaza, beside the church there is a small market place. This is a great place to shop and you will find all sorts of handicraft stalls and shops as well as numerous small animals for sale.

There is even a handicraft shop that is run by the nuns of the church. They sell embroidery, knitting and other hand-crafted items to generate additional revenue both for themselves and the church.

Around the plaza the older buildings still preserve their beautiful traditional colonial painted ceilings and styles.

Azogues Ecuador Attractions

Ingapirca Inca Ruins

Ingapirca is Ecuador's major Inca site. The structure itself has an outstanding Inca stonework, its doorways and niches designed in a trapezoidal shape are an unmistakable Inca style.

Ingapirca means "Wall of the Inca" and have been occupied by the native Canari people for some 500 years.

There are some hypothesis about the Ingapirca's exact function.

Perhaps, Ingapirca was actually a sun temple, a religious center, or a military fortress.

There is a small museum close to the entrance with some signs in other languages such as French and English explaining the site.

Ingapirca Inca Ruins are open daily and you can hire local guides for an extra cost.

There are a number of attractions situated on the outskirts of the town that are definitely worth visiting.

Biblian Town

This is a small town with beautiful views of the river valley and its surroundings.

It has an attractive sanctuary built into the rocks above the village to La Virgen del Rocio.

Cojitambo Village

Is another town one hour west of Azogues Ecuador with rocky surrounding areas good for trekking and climbing.

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Azogues Ecuador is a town were its people will show you its friendship and caring. Every step you take you will find the atmosphere of a hurry and busily town.

For miles you will notice the savory and delicious food offer by many of the locals.

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