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Banos Ecuador is a Sanctuary full of nature and one of the most important tourist cities in this country.


banos ecuador

Banos is famous for its thermal springs that flow from the base of the active Tungurahua volcano.

The town of Banos is nestled between the Rio Pastaza and the Tungurahua volcano, 8 km from its crater.

It is a three hour journey from the City of Quito by public bus.

Banos is a small town always full of bustling tourists looking for a nice temperate weather, exciting trips and expeditions around the area.

There is an abundance of restaurants and hotels, most of them located in the center of the town.

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It is an easy place to get around with several attractions and adrenaline activities such as:

Gondola riding, hot-springs, trekking, horseback riding, climbing, mountain biking, rafting, etc. Ecuador is a beautiful country that enjoys a spring-like climate most of the year.

The city of Banos has excellent weather too and is crowded on Saturdays and Sundays with visitors from all over the world, so if possible, plan a trip during the week.

Banos Ecuador Celebrations

October the festival of the Virgin of the Holy Waters draws crowds with the religious processions, music, dancers, and lots of fireworks.

Mid December Banos anniversary celebrations begin the evening before with verbenas when each neighborhood, hires a band and most of its inhabitants hold street dances. The anniversary day is celebrated with parades, civic events, street fairs and sports events.

Tungurahua Volcano in Banos

Tungurahua volcano is very close to Banos lying around 8 km from the crater. In 1999 the area had to be completely evacuated due to the promise of a major eruption of the Tungurahua Volcano in Oct-Dec of that year.

During this time the volcano spewed ash and began steaming however, by October of 2000 most residents had moved back to their homes and the tourists began venturing back to this delightful spot as the road was reopened to traffic and the military activity control diminished despite scientists reports that activity had not disappeared completely.

Life therefore returned to normal at Banos Ecuador but the scientists are still there monitoring daily activity and so it is still recommended to check with the local newspapers beforehand.

Other risk areas surrounding its neighbor town would be the Bascun valley and the Rio Ulba valley east side of Banos.

Tungurahua volcano of 16.450 ft of height offers beautiful scenery and has a wide variety of flora and fauna at its feet. A thirty-minute drive from Banos Ecuador will take you to the Caserio del Pondoa, and within a three hour hike is the climbing refugee, from where you can observe most of the Andes Mountains.

Now it is possible to do this hike in a safe manner, and you can also descend by bicycle from Pondoa to the town of Banos.

Banos Ecuador Sightseeing

Banos is also the gateway town into the Amazon Rain Forest to the city of Puyo and Misahualli.

East of BaƱos, the road drops spectacularly, and there are exceptional views of the upper Amazon Rain Forest stretching before you.

The Basilica: Inside this church there is a museum with a collection of murals with paintings of miracles performed by the Virgin of the Holy Waters.

Manto de la Virgen Waterfall: This waterfall is the symbol of Banos. It is located at the southeast side of town.

Waterfalls: Banos Ecuador has more than 60 waterfalls, among which are: Pailon del Diablo, Manto de la Novia, Cabellera de la Virgen, San Jorge, Chamana, Machay, el Salto de Agoyan, del Placer, Ines Maria, etc.

They can be visited using different transportation means or by well-signaled walking trails.

Some of the trails can be self-guided, but for most visitors it is better to hire a guide.

San Martin Zoo: Visit this zoo to see many of the animals native to the Amazonian cloud forests.

There are also several thermal baths in town. The brown color of the water is due to a high level of mineral content from the volcano.

Travel Companies: There are a number of local tour operators that offer a wide variety of adventure sports.

Among these exciting adventures you can find guided tours for trekking, horseback riding, climbing, mountain biking, rafting and jungle tours to the Amazon rain forest at very affordable prices.

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Banos Ecuador Nightlife

The town also offers party and joy. Banos has an entertainment district with bars, discos, karaoke and other entertainment centers, which offer tourists the warmth of the local people.

It is a safe place to walk by and to enjoy all kinds of music and the best cocktails. Banos Ecuador is also the perfect setting for meditation and relaxation of the soul.

Beside the thermal waters, banos has a variety of SPAs that offer several therapies such as: fang therapy, Pedi therapy, massages, box baths, aromatherapy, and more. These therapies will help you strengthen your spirit of adventure.

At Banos Ecuador you will see the famous Tungurahua volcano (in activity if you're lucky), more than 60 waterfalls that complement the beauty of two National Parks: the Sangay and Llanganates.

You will come across 160 endemic species that this zone posses and you'll be surrounded by majestic mountains and rivers.

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