Being with Animals in Galapagos

by Nancy & Ralph

My husband and I were fortunate to spend a week in the Galapagos Islands this month.

We have traveled quite a bit and sometimes our expectations are too high, but not in this case.

It was absolutely incredible to be in the close company of so many creatures.

The sea lions played with us underwater, the penguins did not run from us, and the boobies were many and varied by type and age.

They were everywhere, and the babies were peeking out from every bush. The iguanas seemed relaxed (in fact, asleep) within feet of us on several of the islands.

One night, the crew of our boat turned on floodlights and attracted schools of fish right up to the boat.

Then the sea lions came to feed. They were close enough that we could see which fish they were targeting and watch them literally grab flying fish from the air. A fantastic experience!

Nancy & Ralph

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