Blue Footed Boobie Bird of Galapagos

Blue Footed Bird

galapagos blue footed boobie

The blue footed boobie is one of the most attractive sea birds in Galapagos, specially because of their visually-attractive blue feet.


Many think that this bird is endemic to the Galapagos Islands, and that only thrives here.

Its distribution is actually tropical and subtropical.

In other places of the world, their nesting colonies are hard to find, but in Galapagos, many islands have selected locations for their reproduction.

Systematically, a booby is a sea bird (therefore, it feeds exclusively in the ocean) that belongs to the order Pelicaniformes and the family Sulidae. In this family is where you find boobies and gannets.

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Blue footed boobies birds mate opportunistically and this means in not depending on a calendar basis, but more on the food availability found in the Ocean.

As long as the Ocean provides a permanent food resource, this colorful sea bird will stay in full reproduction.

This is why months like May and June are just spectacular times of the year to witness their amazing courtship, egg laying, and some chick rearing.

During these months productivity of the ocean increases, and this species of booby looks for mates.

The Blue footed courtship ritual could even look at times comical, but these lessons in natural history are endless sources of inspiration. The two stages of courtship are pelican dance, and sky pointing.

The sounds they make to attract their mates, and to establish territories, make any visitor site a real highlight.

Nests can have up to three eggs, and are clearly marked inside the so called guano ring. The most rewarding nesting colonies are found on Espanola Island (Hood) and North Seymour Island

Other important colonies are found along the western shores of Isabela, Fernandina Island, and islets like Daphne Major and Daphne Minor, among others.

When visiting a nesting colony of these colorful birds, the Naturalists will always recommend that the group doesn't circle the nesting couple, since this sends a threat message (attack threat) to any wild animal.

Those who visit Galapagos will always carry the best memories after exploring the nesting of of a blue footed boobie.

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