Galapagos Cetacean Whales

Observing Cetacean Whales in the Galapagos Islands is just a one of a kind experience in this wonderful Archipelago


galapagos cetacean whales

A common question in Galapagos is where and at what time of the day can visitors expect to see whales and or Galapagos Dolphins

Perhaps this has always been a hard question, and it remains without an answer.

The Expedition Staff aboard most of the cruise ships in Galapagos, will always be on the lookout for these amazing marine mammals.

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Sometimes, depending on many factors, they can even lower their expedition landing crafts for close up views of these animals. For sure the experience will remain fixed on everyone. These are encounters that are one of a kind, and never repeat.

Sometimes, you may experience feeding, other times just cruising, other times just resting. It is all unique.

There is a slight increase in the frequency of encounters as you head into the days of the dry season, here, the cool waters are back, and the Galapagos Animals themselves are migrating from south to north.

During the hot season, migration happens in the opposite direction, and different species are involved. So really, there is no guarantee of when you can see cetaceans whales, nor what kind of species exactly you will see.

When cruise ships (some of them) spot action in the water they look out for what kind of spout, what kind of physical activity (breaching, surfacing, etc), what kind of dorsal fin, what shape of a tail (fluke), and other visual clues.

Only then, the ship's staff can come up with a positive ID of the species. A pair of binoculars is always helpful, and of course plenty of many eyes looking out in the horizon for Galapagos cetacean whales.

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