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Ecuador is divided into "four different regions": The Highlands, The Coast, The Amazon Rain Forest and the Galapagos Islands.

Cities in Ecuador from the Highlands

This region is the most visited in the country. Boasting condors, snow-capped volcanoes, Indian markets, Colonial haciendas, Cloud forests, Inca ruins, Ecuador Indian Trails and high-altitude Moorlands.


Quito is the Capital of Ecuador and is located in the Andes Mountains, right in the Middle of the World. Quito was declared Cultural Patrimony of Mankind by the UNESCO in 1978.

Besides its amazing landscapes, surrounded by hills and several snowcapped mountains, Quito is known for its Colonial Churches, paintings, sculptures and carvings. More About the Capital of Ecuador


Ibarra has a unique combination of Highland Indians, White people, Afro-Ecuadorians from the nearby Chota Valley and also Colombian people that gives the city an exciting multicultural edge.

Ibarra is the capital of the Province of Imbabura. Located on a wide and green valley, at the foot of Imbabura volcano, two hours north of Quito. More About the City of Ibarra Here


Ambato is better known as the City of Flowers and Fruits. (Or the Garden of Ecuador).

Ambato is the capital city of the province of Tungurahua and it is beautifully decorated by parks, gardens and tree filled streets. More About the City of Ambato


Salcedo is located in the province of Cotopaxi, has a lot to offer and its worth visiting it.

Salcedo has a great craft market every Sunday. In this Indian market you will find ponchos, hats and more local products of good quality. More About the City of Salcedo


This is one of the most visited cities in Ecuador. Mindo is a popular area for many birdwatchers.

The cloud forest of this area is a unique ecosystem and one of the most diverse in the world.

The valley of Mindo is located only an hour and 45 minutes from Quito on the lower flanks of the western Andes in the Province of Pichincha. More About the City of Mindo


Banos Ecuador is one of the most important tourist locations in the country. It is famous for its thermal springs that flow from the base of the active Tungurahua volcano. More About the City of Banos


Vilcabamba is one of the most popular destinations in Ecuador. Many Americans and Europeans live here. It is located in the province of Loja (South of Ecuador).

The pristine city of Vilcabamba has a reputation for longevity, with people living well past 100 years. More About Vilcabamba Valley


Cayambe is a quiet and pleasant highland city with around 30,000 inhabitants, located 25 km northeast of the town of Guayllabamba.

The countryside area is surrounded by flower plantations and farms. It is considered to be the cheese capital of Ecuador. More About the City of Cayambe

Cities in Ecuador from the Coast

There are almost three hundred miles of coast in Ecuador. The beaches in Ecuador are stunning with amazing sunsets, good food and beautiful women.


Manta is a huge commercial and holiday resort center and is the second major Port of the country, the first being Guayaquil.

Colorful fishing villages, unspoiled beaches and unusual tropical dry forest make Manta an important tourist destination and the starting point for exciting day trips. More About the City of Manta


Salinas Ecuador is certainly a great place to visit and enjoy. This is one of the most luxurious beaches in Ecuador. The beach is located on Ecuador's southern coast, just 150 kilometers from Guayaquil. It offers the most developed tourist infrastructure. More About Salinas Ecuador Beach


Esmeraldas is an important tourist destination in the nation because it boasts some of the coast's most stunning beaches. Its a place to truly relax and enjoy its warm beaches and lovely people. More About Esmeraldas Here


Babahoyo is the Capital city of the Los Rios province. In the center of this city you can visit the verdant gardens of Parque 24 de Mayo and the main cathedral, which is decorated with an enormous mosaic mural depicting the Virgin Mary. More About Babahoyo Ecuador

Cities in Ecuador from the Amazon Rain Forest

The Amazon rain Forest of Ecuador is blessed with some of the most biologically diverse, pristine areas. Experience nature's most impressive orchestration of life, ride along its wild rivers, climb into the canopy, hike along primary forest trails, learn about medicinal rain forest plants, and much more.


Macas and its surrounding areas have been well protected by the Shuar and Achuar Indians who live here.

Macas is located in the eastern side of Ecuador, six hours south of Puyo city. Today, it serves as a center for exploring the natural and cultural riches of the area. More About the City of Macas

The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos are just spectacular. The Islands are peaks of enormous underwater volcanoes, having never been connected with the South American continent.

The flora and fauna of the Galapagos Islands developed in complete isolation, a fact that in many ways allowed Charles Darwin's to form his theory of evolution. The Galapagos are truly a wonder that should not be missed. Read all About the Galapagos Islands

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