Conveniences in Ecuador vs Los Angeles, Ca.

by Dorene Polcyn
(Woodland Hills, Ca.)

My husband and I are looking for a retirement location. I am looking at Uruguay as a 1st country, but I have been intrigued, also, by Ecuador.

I have chronic migraine headaches and need a lower elevation, so perhaps Vilcambama or the beach area.

We are looking for way better and affordable health and dental care than we have currently in the U.S. A stable gov. and economy.

I'm concerned that Ecuador uses the dollar, and wonder about the integrity of law enforcement there. Crime?

We are desirous of the natural beauty that Ecuador has, but clean water, art, music., temperate climate, organic food, and personal maintenance like a hair salon, nail salon and a gym are some definite must haves wherever we settle.

How much is gas currently. What is the cost of buying an economy vehicle in Ecuador. How much is cable for TV? And can one receive American channels?

Where are the most secure and crime free areas to live, in essence, with the most conveniences. Open farmers markets are great, but what about a general grocery store. Clothing stores?

Here's Your Answer

According to the questions you ask, I would highly recommend you to visit Vilcabamba in Ecuador. It's one of the the healthiest place to live and retire in the world.

There's an American Architect (Joe Simonetta) who is currently running a home development in Vilcabamba with beautiful houses and lots for sale.

The weather is perfect in Vilcabamba because it's spring-like all year round. You can even cultivate your own fruits and vegetables in your home.

The air is pure, and the sparkling water tumbles directly down from a nearby cloud forest.

In Ecuador you have all the amenities of a 1st world country only that it is cheaper: TV cable, Internet, phone, clean water (specially in Vilcabamba) and so on.

The costs of gas, electricity, water, Internet are less than half than in the United States. Taxes are a fraction compared to what you pay in the US.

Vilcabamba is located at just 35 minutes drive from Loja City Here you can find great public and private hospitals, clinics, hair saloons, supermarkets, first class restaurants, professional dentists and so on.

As for crime in Vilcabamba and Loja is almost cero. People is very friendly and hard working.

Please visit the following web page for more detailed information about Joe Simonetta's home project and contact him using the Contact Form located at the bottom of this web page:

I highly advice you to visit Vilcabamba and Joe's project to feel and see it for yourself.

It is a magnificent place to live, retire or have a vacation home in Ecuador. Vilcabamba attracts people from all over the world.

The peacefulness you will feel, surrounded by the greenery of nature and the landscapes of the Andes Mountains is just indescribable.

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