Crucita Ecuador

Crucita Ecuador is a popular holiday destination, long beaches and sunny days invite you to enjoy the Pacific Ocean at its finest.


crucita ecuador

Crucita is a lovely seaside town, situated about a 30 minutes drive from Portoviejo, the capital city of the Manabi Province of Ecuador.

the friendly people of Crucita welcome visitors to enjoy the long stretches of sandy beach, the sight and sound of abundant seabirds.

And the magnificent cliffs rising up from Crucita beach situated south of the town that are considered by many to be the best in Ecuador for recreational hang-gliding and paragliding.

The water in Crucita Ecuador is always warm, and during the season, those who want can acquire a perfect tan.

From the bluffs overlooking the ocean you can enjoy amazing flights with professional instructors. Each Tandem flight with an instructor lasts 15 minutes.

Crucita Ecuador is a great place to meet new friends, bring the family, or enjoy a romantic getaway. Feel safe and get excited when you arrive in Crucita, and don't miss out on a magic adventure!

The local lodges and hostels are geared up to cater for visitors who are there primarily for the paragliding and hang-gliding experience.

The launch sites are situated within a 15 minute walk, or a five minute drive from the town of Crucita.

Visitors never fail to be amazed by the scenery of the beach on the way to the site, but once they are airborne, that amazement turns to being mesmerized.

The favorable weather conditions, together with the spectacular launch-sites, allow pilots to keep their gliders in the air for extraordinarily long periods of time.

The scenery over the ocean and inland is spectacular and gliders are often joined by seabirds that are enjoying the warm thermals keeping them effortlessly in the air.

Watching the sun go down in Crucita Ecuador beach while enjoying dinner and drinks and sharing experiences with fellow gliders is the perfect way to end a blissful day of flying.

The main differences between paragliders and hang gliders are wing structure, pilot position, glide angle, speed, range, landing out, transportability and cost, each with its own pros and cons.

The conditions at Crucita are suitable for both paragliders and hang gliders, and a day out flying may result in lively debate as to which of the sports is more exciting.

People from all over the world are realizing that Ecuador, with its temperate climate, diversity of terrain and friendly people, is the perfect place to retire, and Crucita Ecuador is fast becoming the destination of choice for many people, both Ecuadorians and foreigners, who have reached retirement age.

The real estate market is constantly growing in Crucita, which is resulting in economic development within the community.

Ecuador and the famous Galapagos Islands are the perfect setting for an action-packed and truly unforgettable vacation surrounded by peace and nature.

The country instantly enchants those who have a zest for life, a yen for adventure, a taste for the unseen, and an eye for color and beauty.

Certainly, Ecuador is a fascinating country that has much to offer to its visitors and the little seaside town of Crucita welcomes you year round.

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