Currency of Ecuador

The last currency of Ecuador was the Sucre, it was our coin for more than one hundred years.


In January 2.000 president Jamil Mahuad (One of the worst Presidents in Ecuador's history) led Ecuador to a devastating economy.

He then took the desperate decision to drop the Sucre and dollarize the country's economy, switching to the famous American US Dollars.

currency of ecuador

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In that year this infamous Ecuadorian President decided that each American Dollar would have an exchange rate of $25,000 Sucres, can you imagine that?

Many people, companies and businesses went to bankrupt increasing the number of poor people in this country. We turned out to be one of the most expensive countries in South America.

Fortunately by now in the year of 2009 Ecuador's economy is looking better and people somehow are recovering from that shock.

National Currency in Ecuador

Today's currency of Ecuador is the "US Dollar". Ecuador has local coins for 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 cents, which are equivalent to the American coins; however, these are only accepted in Ecuador.

US coins, of course, are accepted as well. Ecuador currency today is free of all currency exchange hassles... why?

Well you know, US Dollars are worldwide accepted in hotels, restaurants, stores, etc. And they are accepted in the Galapagos Islands as well.

And to say the truth, it is a fact that the American US Dollars have helped this country in a great way to develop its economy healthier and stronger day by day.

Ecuador is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries of South America. When you visit this country make sure you go through the exciting and wild Rain forest of Ecuador.

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