Ecuador Amazon Rainforest

Ecuador Amazon Rainforest is and extensive territory and exploring it will always be an unforgettable experience.


ecuador amazon rainforest

Only 7% of the planet Earth is covered by tropical rainforests, and yet 50% of the biodiversity of the planet is found here.

Ecuador's Rainforest is located in the heart of the world's largest and most famous tropical rainforest: the Amazon Basin.

The Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest is a land of superlatives, everything is big, fantastic in biodiversity, size and distances.

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Huge amounts of water and sediments descend from the Andes Mountains to nurture these lands.

300 to 400 mm (11.8 to 15.7 inches) of water are distributed in the Ecuador Amazon Rainforest during the course of the year.

Temperatures, average 25°C (77°F) year-round, there are immense trees of up to 46 meters (150 feet), and about 100 species of trees per acre, with only 40% of them having been classified.

Its main rivers, tributaries, lakes and swamps are home to over 600 species of fish and 250 species of reptiles and amphibians.

In Ecuador jungle you will also find endemic species like the black caiman and the special and unique pink dolphins, thought to be mythical creatures of other eras by the locals.

There are mammals, which we have only seen in pictures, like armadillos, monkeys, capybaras, dantas, ocelots, jaguars, manatees, caymans, piranhas, boas and snakes.

And let's not forget the colorful birds which are most abundant and diverse in the Ecuador jungles.

Ecuador's System of Protected Areas and National Parks covers almost the whole eastern side of the country, which can be reached via a 30 minute flight from Ecuador's main cities.

But the biological richness of the Ecuador Amazon Rainforest is not only natural but also cultural, as this is the habitat of ancient indigenous peoples who have lived for thousands of years in the tropical rainforests.

Some still have no contact with the civilized world. They have resisted the harshness of the weather and climatic conditions and the Spanish conquests and refuse to be infiltrated by the pressures and advances of the modern world.

Sustainable tourism is an excellent alternative to avoid the exploitation of resources of Ecuador Amazon Rainforest, and in fact constitutes an important source of income for the native communities that participate in the different tour projects in the area.

Each person that visits the Ecuador Amazon Rainforest must contribute to the preservation of the forest and the cultural heritage. You are welcome to continue coming and witness this world within the other world.

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Ecuador Amazon Rainforest Lodges

Mashpi Lodge

This Amazon lodge will be finished with sophisticated details that provide a truly outstanding experience.

Mashpi will feature a contemporary, minimalist decoration with the use of warm earth tones.

Social areas include several relaxing lounges with large picture windows which allow a panoramic view of the verdant heart of the rainforest, just outside.

Sacha Lodge

The lodging at Sacha was carefully designed to offer comfort to the traveler yet preserve the environment and the Ecuador Amazon Rainforest.

All the cabins are constructed with traditional materials and nestle, well concealed, into the lush surroundings.

During free time, you may overlook the jungle from hammocks and you will often come in close contact with wild fauna such as toucans, agoutis and monkeys.

Huaorani Ecolodge

It is a small, intimate, harmonious and environmentally sustainable way to share time with the Huaorani Indians and experience the richness of their natural environment.

This lodge provides accommodation for a maximum of ten people housed in five comfortable, traditionally built, palm thatched cabins.

Kapawi Ecolodge

Kapawi is a place of multiple choices and is characterized by its itinerary flexibility.

You can do many activities and most of the itineraries will include visits to the Achuar communities, where you can share a whole day with the Achuar families, hikes in the rain forest, canoeing in rivers and lakes, swimming, watching piranhas, pinks dolphins, and other animals of the area.

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