Ecuador and Galapagos Trip

by Deborah Shepard
(California, USA)

Well, we did book with Zuri and had a great time! Would recommend Zuri and his contacts for anyone's trip to Ecuador, Galapagos and Napo rainforest.

Zuri met us on New Year's Day, found lots of wonderful things to do and places to take us even though it was a holiday.

Then did a great city and area of Quito tour the next day. Our arrangements on the Santa Cruz ship for the Galapagos Islands was a great choice!

We liked the mix of ship 'luxury' with the intimacy and excellent knowledge of the naturalist guides on our small group excursions.

Every excursion was different and we were only sorry that we did not have time for the 7 day version vs. the 5 day.

However, we went on to the rainforest with Zuri's arrangements at the Napo Wildlife Center (an amazing indigenous community lodge).

Here, again, accommodations were really interesting (small and personal), our naturalist guide was great and the community hosts on each excursion by canoe were perfect. Happy to give anyone needing it more info.

Deborah S.

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