Salinas Ecuador Beach

The Ecuador Beach of Salinas is considered the best beach resort in the South Pacific Ocean.


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This beach is also the main starting point to the famous Route of the Sun tourist attraction.

It is located at the Westernmost tip of the Santa Elena Province, 141 Kilometers (88 miles) from Guayaquil.

The high season in Salinas beach is from December to April. The are plenty of nice bars and discotheques night to enjoy along the main frontage of the bay.

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This Ecuador beach, offers the most developed tourist infrastructure (regarding to accommodation, beaches, resorts and other attractions). It offers also the most exiting whale watching tours in Ecuador with luxurious yachts and professional guides.

This is one of the finest locations to witness the wonder of these whales in the wild. This is really a once in a lifetime experience that you should not miss.

The weather in Salinas has great temperatures all year round. The major season is warmer with temperatures between 80s-90s, while the cooler season May to December has lower temperatures (between 60s-70s).

Salinas Ecuador Beach Attractions

There are several attractions at Salinas beach, one of the biggest attractions is the water park Aqua Adventure, this is a very good choice for every tourist to spend one of their days.

Water sports are the biggest attraction and what most people do in the beach of Salinas.

Salinas beach has excellent restaurants and hotels, it is a resort for stylish sunbathing during the day and upscale disco-dancing at night. The water of the ocean is warm year-round.

The 15-Kilometer (9.5 miles) wide sandy beach, in a half-moon shape, is divided into two sections by the Salinas Yacht Club. The West side is nicer, while to the east there are water skiers and other people doing water sports like jet ski or wind surfing.

Jet skies and surfing equipment can be rented. The Salinas waterfront teams with classy seafood restaurants and ice cream parlors. Salinas hosts world deep sea sport-fishing competitions, mainly for Tuna, Blue Martin and Black Marlin, but sailfish is also popular.

Salinas beach, is only 25 minutes from the fine Thermal Baths of San Vicente. Here you can have a rich mineral mud bath and a thermal bath along with massaging and sauna facilities.

The economy of Salinas depends largely on tourism. The beach of Salinas is a very popular resort destination in Ecuador.

Other beautiful beaches near Salinas include: San Lorenzo, Las Palmeras, Chipipe, Mar Bravo, and Punta Carnero.

Another Recommended Ecuador Beach

The beach of Chipipe near Salinas has exciting waves for body boarding in a pleasant environment.

Chipipe is located in a residential area compared to the main Salinas' beach, which is the commercial side of this small city.

There are popular markets available in both areas during the evening selling handicrafts, coral jewelry, multi colored dyed clothing art and shell crafts including amethyst and other semi precious stones to make wind chimes.

Salinas Beach and the Route of the Sun

This route guides you through the nature, history, entertainment, water sports and excellent services of the coastal provinces of Guayas and Manabi.

If you like sports, there are plenty of opportunities to fish, sail, surf and dive. There is also good entertainment for all ages in Salinas.

The weather in Salinas beach has great temperatures all year round. It has an average temperature of 24º C (80º F).

The best time to hit this Ecuador beach is from December to May.

The scenic bay of this Ecuador beach is full of jet skiers, water skiers, hang-gliders, sky divers and a plethora of various sized yachts anchored in the bay adjacent to the yacht club.

Salinas beach is very popular during high season and low season also.

There are warm waters all year round due to its peninsular position receiving great weather with blue cloudless skies and long hot sunny periods for most of the year.

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