Best Ecuador Beaches

Ecuador Beaches are simply stunning with amazing sunsets. Both the sea and the weather are warm all year round.


Ecuador Sunsets

ecuador beaches

You will be impressed by Ecuador's pristine and undeveloped beaches. In Ecuador the best beaches are known as the Route of the Sun.

You will have the opportunity to observe the Giant Whales in the wild during their matting season.

Dive within coral reefs surrounded by exotic sea life, admire the numerous bird species of the region, and submerge in the most isolated and exotic Ecuador beaches.

And of course there are plenty of opportunities to fish, sail, surf, ski and dive.

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Along the Sun's route you'll also find good accommodations and services that will allow you to just relax and comfortably enjoy the tropical sun of the beaches in Ecuador.

Ecuador Beaches Near Guayaquil

Playas Beach

Playas is the closest beach to Guayaquil. Playas is also an important fishing village. As result of its proximity to Guayaquil there are many holiday homes in Playas.

It is a busy from December to April but quiet at other times. Weekends are much busier than midweek. The weather on this beach is considered as one of the best in the world.

Salinas Beach

Salinas is one of the most luxurious Ecuador beaches, it is located on the Santa Elena peninsula, the furthest western point of Ecuador on the Pacific Ocean.

The boardwalk of Salinas is a safe place that offers lots of entertainment day and night. More Information About Salinas Beach

Ballenita Beach

An amazing beach which name means Little Whale. It has a wonderful viewpoint that is the perfect setting for bird and Whale Watching in Ecuador

There's a restaurant-museum (Farallon Dillon) that displays modern practical handicrafts made out of antique marine pieces. Most of the handicrafts are for sale. The restaurant has a unique personality, as it resembles a ship.

Montanita Beach

Continuing North, the beach of Montanita is a favorite spot for surfers and young adventure visitors.

This charming town by the sea offers a variety of inexpensive hostels, national and international food, and an exhilarating nightlife. The town holds a mix of locals and foreigners, mostly dedicated to surfing and handicrafts.

Several artisans that work jewelry and clothing are found along the main street. There are plenty of Surf shops and surf rent stores. More About Montanita Beach

Olon Beach

The wide and beautiful beach of Olon is crowned with an outstanding Sanctuary, where the Virgin is believed to have cried once.

The Sanctuary is unique in its kind, with open walls and a breathtaking view of the beach.

Ecuador Beaches in Manabi Province

Canoa Beach

This growing little village, about 18km north San Vicente, has a long, wide and usually empty beach.

The swimming is good when the waves are down and when they're up, you can drag out your surfboards.

For beginners, the surf at Canoa is perfect, with forgiving waves and a sandy bottom.

The best season for surfing is from late November through late April, though waves are present year-round. Board rentals and lessons are available at inexpensive prices.

Crucita Beach

The fishing village Crucita is reached by going north from Portoviejo (Capital city of Manabi). There you'll find several good seafood restaurants, a very long narrow beach and hang gliders.

Crucita is considered one of the best Ecuador beaches for this sport. Additionally, it is a perfect place for Birdwatching Sea Birds

Manta Beach

Manta is an important city of the Manabi province. Until recently it was only known for its important tuna fishing fleet, the production and bottling of vegetable oil and commercialization of Panama Straw Hats

Today, the visit of cruise ships full of tourists and the construction of modern hotels like Swiss Hotel and Howard Johnson have improved the economy of Manta.

The city and its surrounding beaches have turned into an important international tourist destination. Read More About Manta Beach

Bahia de Caraquez

It is a splendid city with spectacular views and very well preserved and clean beaches.

Bahia de Caraquez has been declared an Ecological City with organic gardens, eco-clubs and recycling projects and has been the first city in the world with a certified organic shrimp farm. Read More About Bahia de Caraquez Beach

Ecuador Beaches in Esmeraldas Province

Atacames Beach

Because of its proximity to the Capital City of Quito (4 ½ hours by car and 5-6 hours by bus), Atacames is a popular tourist destination for long weekend holidays.

It is constantly developing as one of the best and most economical Ecuador beaches. Rooms in low-scale hotels or hostels can be as low as $5-10 U.S. dollars a night.

This beach is crowded during the following holidays: Semana Santa (Holy Week), Carnival (February), the first days of November and in New Year's Eve.

More Ecuador Beaches

Here are other beaches you can visit in Esmeraldas: Tonsupa, Same, Punta Galeras, Muisne and Mopiche, just to mention a few.

You can also find modern hotels as Juan Sebastian in Atacames beach, Club Casa Blanca is one of the best in Same beach with great restaurants, golf courses, tennis courts, etc.

Ecuador beaches are relaxed, full of nature with plenty of sun and sand all year round...

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