Ecuador Business

by martin chinedu

Hello, I just wanted to know the major source of income of Ecuadorians.?

What kind of companies or businesses are the most important.?

Thank you

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Ecuador has four different regions: The Highlands, The Coast, The Amazon Rain Forest and The Galapagos Islands.

Each region is rich on agricultural products. For example in the Highlands the country produces all kinds of vegetables and is the second producer of roses in the world.

In the Coast the major source of income is fish, shrimp and it is the number one producer of bananas in the world among other tropical fruits.

In the rain forest the major source of income is petroleum and in the Galapagos Islands, tourism is the predominant business activity.

Some of the most important products which Ecuador exports are fish (fresh, frozen and canned), coffee, balsa wood, tropical fruits, roses, among many others.

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