Ecuador Entertainment Guide

Ecuador Entertainment enjoying the most diverse celebrations, festivals and nightlife in Quito and Guayaquil.


There are excellent restaurants, sightseeing activities and other attractions such as museums and folkloric ballets.

In the smaller cities of Ecuador, nightlife takes place mostly at home and in private clubs and bars.

The movies or cinema are the most popular form of entertainment. Things liven up from Wednesdays to Saturday evenings. Bars and discotheques are generally open between 7:00PM to 2:00AM

Main Celebrations and Festivals

Carnaval Celebrations

Carnival celebrations are part of Ecuador entertainment, this impressive festival starts in the days and weeks leading up to the beginning of Lent (End of February, beginning of March).

If you are in Ecuador around this time be prepared to have a major celebration with street parades and parties, as well as native music and dance.

Mama Negra Celebrations

This is another great Ecuador entertainment festival and one of the biggest. This celebration takes place on November 7th each year in the City of Latacunga 75 km south of Quito.

It's similar to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, the streets of Latacunga turn into an immense parade full of color with both locals and visitors participating in the celebrations.

The tradition that goes way back to the Spanish conquest is that men men dress up as black women during the festival.

Quito City Foundation

This Ecuador entertainment tradition is celebrated on December 6th each year and lasts for up to a week.

You will see bullfights, street parades and concerts all over the city and its streets.

One of the highlight of the festivities are the Chivas (open-air party buses) which travel throughout Quito complete with live music and as much drink as you can manage.

Fiesta del Yamor

Celebrated in the City of Otavalo is a two week long celebration taking place at the beginning of September.

This is another Ecuador entertainment not to be missed during your Ecuadorian adventure.

Experience parades, music, dancing, fireworks displays and the renowned crowning of the Queen.

There are many things to do and enjoy during this highland celebration.

Ecuador Food and Restaurants

Another attraction for visitors to Ecuador is the enjoyment of the best traditional and international cuisine in the country's various first-rate restaurants.

Ecuador offers a wide variety of cuisine, from typical plates (ceviche, guatita, locro, fritada and hornado) from the different regions of Ecuador to five star restaurants serving international cuisine.

Ecuador Art

In Quito during weekends you can visit the Feria de Exposiciones Artesanales in the Ejido Park.

Here you will find an Indian handicraft market and an incredible outdoors gallery of modern art and works from Ecuadorian artists.

The Middle of the World

This is perhaps the most famous attraction you can visit during your stay in Quito city.

The Middle of the World is a monument representing the to sides of Planet Earth (latitude 0°). There is a yellow line that divides the north and south hemispheres.

There is also a Planetarium with a Solar Museum and an exhibition of the French Geodesic Mission that measured a degree of longitude at the equator during the eighteenth century.

You will also find shops of folklore and Indian handicrafts, good restaurants and the possibility to see local bands, folklore ballets and dance during Sundays at midday.

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Ecuador Folkloric Ballet

The Jacchigua National Ballet is a superb show. It is presented daily at the Teatro Demetrio Agilera at the Casa de la Cultura in Quito.

Jacchigua is considered as a unique living museum in the world. The performances are in theaters, convents, churches, hotels, haciendas, museums and plazas.

Frequently it performs in Indian and mestizo communities returning the knowledge acquired, to its Ecuadorian people.

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