Ecuador Esmeraldas

Ecuador Esmeraldas is a province situated at the North of the country.

It is a tropical and warm region as a consequence of the cold current named Humbold, which comes from the south and drifts off before reaching Esmeraldas.


When we watch the sky and the horizon and we see the sun shining as it hides, we remember part of our national anthem and we realize how wonderful God was when he gave us this piece of land.

We can enjoy the twilight and observe the abundant and green vegetation of this region, crossed by several rivers, with fertile grounds in which many products can grow to feed the happy and noisy people that live in Esmeraldas.

Esmeraldas is called the Green Province due to the abundant vegetation that surrounds this beautiful place.

The Esmeraldas River runs through the province contributing with its paradisiacal tropical beauty, vegetation and fauna.

Esmeraldas Beach

ecuador esmeraldas beach

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Ecuador Esmeraldas is a great Tourist attraction basically for its vast beaches and the hospitality of its people among which is the Afro-Ecuadorian community.

And there's a tale here that tells of the adventure of a ship full of slaves that was heading toward Cartagena, Colombia and was shipwrecked at the coasts of Esmeraldas.

These African people found Freedom and attractive living conditions in Esmeraldas and settled there.

This is a lively community with extraordinary musical manifestations.

Their favorite instrument is the Marimba which is made of a very hard wood called "Chonta" (ironwood) and Bamboo. Click here for more information about Ecuador Music

They sing and dance to the Marimba music while Payadores recite, (poets that improvise during their musical sessions telling about their lives, the richness of the Sea and Land, the dangers, the social and racial differences, etc).

The huge mangrove trees and forests have been replaced by shrimp pools.

The tropical forests have been destroyed without control but the flora and fauna of this place still exists and could be protected to integrate them as tourist attractions together with Indian communities.

These communities such as the Chachis or Cayapas, Awas, and the black people settled near the rivers Santiago, San Miguel, Onzole, Esmeraldas and Quininde.

Protected areas such as Mataje-Cayapas, near the town of San Lorenzo.

Adventure and ecological places such as Playa de Oro, rural areas such as Golondrinas and scientific zones such as La Tolita are resources of future development for Ecuador Esmeraldas, if they are used correctly and carefully.

Tourists facilities are improving and inexpensive hotels, as well as cabins can now be found in the exotic beaches of:

Atacames (a beach with a wonderful night life, visited by thousands of foreigners), Same, Punta Galeras, Muisne and Mopiche, just to mention some of the favorite beaches in Ecuador.

You can also find modern hotels as Juan Sebastian in Atacames beach, Club Casa Blanca is one of the best in Same beach with great restaurants, golf courses, tennis courts, etc.

Ecuador Esmeraldas with its kind men, beautiful sculptural women and warm beaches is just definitively worth visiting.

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