Ecuador Exports

Ecuador Exports are well known mainly because this country is the world's premier exporter of Bananas.

Ecuador Bananas


ecuador exports

Other exportation products include: Coffee, Palm Hearts, Broccoli, Asparagus and many other food stuffs.

There are approximately 325,000 acres currently cultivating bananas in Ecuador.

And the fruit is exported with strong plastic bags lined protection, contained within boxes and put on pallets for onward shipping.

Ecuador's geographical location gives it a distinct advantage in agricultural and agro-industrial production.

Ecuador is the ideal place for growing an wide variety of exotic fruits and vegetables.

Its position on the equator affords extended, often year-round, growing seasons, and its distinct regions: the Amazon Rain Forest the Andes Mountains, and the Coast allow for the cultivation of a vast array of fruits and food stuffs.

In addition to fresh produce, Ecuador exportations are also complimented by canned, dried, and jarred goods.

Black beans in brine (salt and water), lentils in sauce, heart of palm in brine, pigeon peas in brine/sauce, pickles, pickled onions, pineapples in sauce, red beans in brine/sauce, tomato paste, and white beans in brine/sauce are some of the leading exports of processed produce.

Andean Trade Preference Act

The United States government is calling for passage of the Andean Trade Preferences Act, a bill which expired last year, granting special trade privileges to Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia.

The bill eliminates tariffs on many of Ecuador exports to the United States, including asparagus and flowers, and is viewed as an economic alternative to drug cultivation and trafficking in those countries.

Ecuador has also substantial oil resources and rich agricultural areas.

The main Ecuador exports are primarily oil, bananas, and shrimp.

Ecuador oil has played a dominant role in the country's economy since the early 1970s.

The oil is carried through a pipeline that crosses the Andes Mountains to the Pacific Port of Esmeraldas where a refinery operates.

Over the last century, economic development depended on the exports of first cocoa and the bananas, of which Ecuador is still the world's largest exporter.

Ecuador economy is presently on a fast process of modernization.

For this purpose a series of structural, legal and administrative reforms have been promoted.

The purpose of these have been to open the economy to the world market, to increase efficiency in all productive activities, to diminish the State intervention in the economy, and to fortify non-traditional sectors.

Ecuador Flowers

For more than ten years now, Ecuador has gained worldwide distribution of its flowers. Their strength comes from their roses which are grown mainly in the highlands of this country.

As of now, Ecuador is the second largest producer of flowers in the world, the first been Colombia. More About Ecuador Flowers

In the highlands subsistence agriculture and the production of staples for the urban areas are predominant (corn, wheat, barley, potatoes, pulses, and various vegetables). In the coastal lowlands tropical crops are grown to export.

Small quantities of gold, silver, copper and zinc are also produced. But the country is known to have ample deposits of uranium, gold, iron ore, lead, and coal.

The manufacture of the famous Panama Hats is also one of the traditional Ecuador exports industry. Currently, Ecuador exports new products, which have won widespread acceptance in international markets. These include:

Fresh Fruits: strawberries, mango, passion fruit, melon, papaya, pineapple, etc.

Processed fruits: preserves, dried fruits, juices, concentrates, candied fruits, marmalades and jellies, flowers: roses, baby's breath, carnations, chrysanthemums, etc.

Sea Food: shrimp, jumbo shrimp, fresh fish and tuna.

Vegetables: string beans, asparagus, artichokes, peas, cauliflower, palm heart, broccoli, etc.

Herbs and Medicinal Plants mint, boldo, retania, valerian, etc.

Industrial Products: ceramics, wood derivatives in bulk, board, sheets and plywood.

Craft Products: T-shirts, tagua figurines and buttons, palmetto straw hats, decorative ceramics and balsa wood figures are also part of the new Ecuador exports.

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