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An important Ecuador fact is that this country is considered among the most mega-diverse countries in the world.

In relation to its surface, Ecuador holds the greatest amount of species of plants and animals in the Planet.

Ecuador occupies the fourth place in bird diversity. (17% of all the species of all the world live in this territory) including 124 species of birds, representing 35% of all species in the world.

Ecuador Volcano

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As part of these Ecuador facts, this country is called or known also as the Hummingbird Country

Population: 12 Million / Area 256.370 Km2. (99.027 Square Miles). Government Democratic Republic.

Capital City: The capital city of Ecuador is Quito. Here's a good description of the colonial City of Quito

Production: Ecuador is the world's number one producer of bananas, and the second shrimp producer in the world. It is also the second producer of "Roses" in Latin America. More About Ecuador Flowers

Some of the most important products which Ecuador exports are fish (fresh, frozen and canned), coffee, balsa wood, tropical fruits, among many others. Click here for general Information on Ecuador

Language: Ecuador's official language is Spanish, but Quichua, the lingua franca of the Inca Empire is spoken by the Indian population. English is spoken in major visitor centers. Besides Spanish, 10 native languages are spoken in Ecuador.

Traditions: Ecuador is well know for having a good array of celebrations and traditions. Here are more details on Ecuador Traditions

Religion: The predominant religion is Roman Catholic. An Ecuador fact is that there is complete religious freedom in this country.

Climate: This is an important subject of Ecuador facts since Ecuador has an area similar to England or the State of Colorado (USA). The country is divided into four different zones:

  • The Amazon Basin
  • The Andean Highlands
  • The Pacific Lowlands and
  • The Galapagos Islands

Ecuador Real Estate: Lately Real Estate is becoming to be one of the most important Ecuador facts.

This country is just beginning to come onto the radar screen of people looking for exceptional places to live outside the U.S. (and outside other first world countries).

Vilcabamba is the best place to live in this country. Read all about this "unique opportunity" to Invest in Real Estate in Ecuador

Since it's located right on the equator, the country as a whole experiences no extreme weather changes.

Rainy seasons vary in each zone. Learn more about the Weather in Ecuador

Currency: Another useful Ecuador fact is that the actual currency is the US Dollar.

Ecuador has local coins for 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 cents, which are equivalent to the American coins, however, these are only accepted in Ecuador.

US coins, of course, are accepted as well. More about the Currency of Ecuador

Food: Is also an interesting Ecuador fact. Western cuisine, as well as wide variety of international cooking is available throughout the country.

Ecuador's traditional gastronomy is renowned for its variety and delicious taste.

Here are a couple of good informative pages related to Ecuadorian food: Ecuador Recipes and Food from Ecuador

Typical specialties include meat, chicken, fish, potatoes, corn and vegetables. There is a great variety of fruits and juices. Different types of plantains and bananas are a treat.

Excellent restaurants are also available in the main cities as in most of the country's Hotels and Inns.

Restaurants: Ecuador is famous for its wonderful cuisine. If you feel like dining out, and experience some of our more delicious gastronomy... there's plenty of restaurants to choose from.

All major cities have an ample selection of international restaurants featuring general cuisine, regional or culinary specialties.

Local Time: Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT) minus 5 hours on mainland Ecuador; and minus 6 hours in the Galapagos Islands

Taxi Rates: Take note of this Ecuador Fact. A taxi should charge you Around US$ 3,00 to US$ 5,00 per ride from the airport to the city. These rates vary among the main cities. To ensure safety, please have your hotel call you a cab.

Children: Children over eight will have no problem in the mainland or Galapagos excursions. Ecuador hotels in the major cities cater to children of all ages, providing children's menus, baby sitters and extra beds/cribs.

I do not recommend that very young children (under 8) join some of our Galapagos Tours or other adventuresome destinations because they tend to get bored.

Newspapers and Magazines: Local newspapers available in Spanish. The Miami Herald in English is sold daily at selected hotels and bookstores.

Foreign language magazines and pocketbooks are available at bookshops. Cable TV news are also available at most Ecuador hotels.

Clothing: Lightweight woolens are ideal for the highlands and warm jackets are essential for the evening. When visiting churches, monasteries, and shrines, You should not wear shorts or miniskirts.

Safety: You should pay attention to this Ecuador fact. The safest way is a money belt worn under clothing.

Keep spare cash in a separate purse for easy access. Like in most big cities, heavily loaded wallets and pockets are attractive to theft.

Remember to leave your documents and valuables at a safety deposit box in your hotel. You just need to carry the copy of your passport.

After 6 p.m. it is best to call a taxi from the hotel or restaurant for evening visits to the city or going out for dinner.

Ecuador Beaches: The most amazing beaches in South America are located in this country. Read all about the Beaches in Ecuador here

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