Ecuador Fishing

Ecuador Fishing in the rivers and lakes of the highlands is a popular sport. The ocean in Ecuador is also remarkably rich in marine life.


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The Galapagos Islands and the Pacific coastal waters of Ecuador hold abundant Pacific sailfish, tuna, wahoo, mahimahi, and blue, black, and striped marlin.

The best fishing conditions are from December to May, but the fishing stays good from June to November, when it can be chilly in the Galapagos.

Temperatures are more consistently tropical along the coast, where marlin and sailfish abound, especially around Plata Island.

La Plata Island, between Salinas and Manta, has become a hotspot for blue marlin. Giant bigeye tuna and blue marlin, in particular, feed offshore from Salinas and nearby Manta.

Ecuador Fishing in Salinas

The fertile waters off Ecuador's coastline offer among the finest offshore fishing opportunities available worldwide.

Most of this originates at the seaside resort town of Salinas. At Salinas, vacationing city dwellers and villagers from the higher elevations to the east come to enjoy the cool waters of the Pacific and the long, narrow beaches.

Here, too, is a fleet of fishing boats available for charter, and thus the opportunity to experience fishing in Ecuador.

The cold Humboldt Current sweeps by Salinas, bringing with it acres of baitfish and a host of predatory species, particularly black marlin, Pacific blue marlin, bigeye tuna, and striped marlin. Stripes are the foremost attraction to the many anglers who come here annually.

Ecuador Fishing in the Highlands

Fishing trout in the rivers and lakes of the highlands of Ecuador is a rather popular sport though prohibited in national parks and national reserves.

The recommended spots for fishing are La Mica lake, San Marcos lagoon, Mojanda lagoon, Micacocha lake, Chalupas river, Chambo river, and Papallacta.

Also most lakes and rivers in El Angel, Cajas, Mojanda and in the Osogoche area.

Ecuador Fishing in the Rainforest

Piranha fishing in the rivers and lakes of the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest is an attraction not to be missed by any adventure visitor.

After a refreshing bath in the Panacocha lake (east of Coca City), equipped with just line, hook and bait, you may hook the world's most ferocious and bloody fish, the piranha!

Other spots for good fishing in the Rainforest are: Cosanga river (south of Baeza), Quijos river (between Baeza and Lago Agrio).

The boats in Ecuador's coast have at times averaged a billfish a day all year-round, so even the novice can expect a good chance to tangle with one or more of these magnificent gamefish.

This makes Ecuador fishing a superb place for the novice big-game angler to hook that first billfish.

Striped marlin are not only abundant, they average 100 to 150 pounds and tire themselves through spectacular greyhounding performances across the ocean surface.

Galapagos Fishing

The Galapagos Islands are world famous for the extensive migrations of all types of pelagic fish, Galapagos is a true billfish destination promising good shots at blue, black and striped marlin.

Complete Galapagos Vacation Packages are available for all budgets and all group sizes.

It's good to know that the Galapagos Islands are a marine reserve which does not allow industrial fishing within 40 miles around the archipelago.

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