Ecuador Foods

Ecuador Foods are renowned for its variety and delicious taste.

Hot Sauce is a must in every Ecuador home or restaurant.


Most lunches and dinners are accompanied by a delicious soup as the first dish.

A typical Ecuadorian meal is rice, meat, soup, and vegetables.

Different fruits are usually blended into juices and served with the rest of the meal.

Ecuadorian food is not highly spiced and is quite different from that of other Latin American countries. Moreover, it is varied and delicate.

Typical Ecuadorian Foods

Fritada: is pork, boiled in water until the water dries up, and then fried in its own grease for several hours.

Llapingachos: are fried smashes potatoes mixed with cheese. They are generally served with fritada, hornado and salads.

Encebollado: is soup made of yellow fin Tuna and Yuca. It is a very popular Ecuador food, mainly in the Coast.

Guatita: This is cow stomach, with potatoes and peanut sauce. A lot of people from the coast loves this Ecuadorian dish.

Humitas: are prepared by grinding sweet corn and mixed with grated cheese, egg and butter. Wrapped in the corn husk and steamed like a tamal, they may be sweet or salty.

Empanadas de Verde: are made of green banana meal and filled with cheese.

Locro Soup: (Creamy Potato Soup)

 is one of the most famous Ecuador foods. Soups are very popular in Ecuador and Locro de Papa is found throughout the country, mainly in the Andean provinces.

No meal in the highlands of Ecuador is complete without some kind of soup or broth.

This classic Ecuadorian potato and cheese soup is topped with pieces of avocado and chives. It is filling enough to make a complete meal.

It is made with a type of yellow potato, the color enhanced by a bit of annatto seed powder, and fresh cheese (or farmer's cheese) and a dash of cumin.

A superb soup, loved by locals and foreigners alike!

Ceviche: is very popular. It is prepared with shrimps cooked with lemon, orange and tomato juices.

There are also ceviches made of fish, shellfish, mussels, crab, lobster, octopus, and other sea foods, all marinated, raw in citrus juices.

Ecuadorian ceviche is traditionally accompanied by popcorn and chifles (thinly sliced and fried green bananas).

Amongst the most popular Ecuador foods are patacones (squashed fried green bananas).

You will often find that most Ecuadorian homes have a special pounding stone for making this tasty snack.

Other Ecuador foods found nationwide include: seco de pollo (stewed chicken accompanied by rice and avocado slices).

Also lomo salteado (thin beef steak covered with onions and tomatoes), and seco de chivo (goat stew served with a mound of rice.

Tortillas de maiz (thin corn pancakes) and choclo (barbecued Andean corn) are sold by street vendors in every city and make great snacks any time of day.

Exotic Ecuador Juices

Best of the jungle fruits include chirimoya, with a delicious custard-like inside, mamey, which has a red, sweet, squash-like meat, and pepino, a sweet white and purple striped cucumber like fruit.

An Ecuadorian specialty is a unique fruit juice called naranjilla (It's incredible delicious). This fruit has a taste somewhere between citrus and peach.

Ecuador foods in the Amazon Rain Forest are a little peculiar. Most of their food consist in the consumption of native animals like guanta, armadillo, monkeys and specially lots of fish, etc.

The spices of Ecuador are extraordinary which make the food mouth watering.

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Cuy (Guinea Pig): have formed an important part of the Andean diet since before the arrival of the Spanish. Unlike the other Ecuador foods, cuy is rather hard to find in Ecuador main cities. But it is still common among rural indigenous people, who often raise their own in their homes.

Ecuador also offers a good selection of international cuisine. You will find plenty of restaurants for Chinese, Mexican, Cuban, Arabic, Indian, and vegetarian meals.

You'll find Argentinean steaks, Italian pasta, Japanese sushi, French fondue, and of course you're favorite MacDonald's, Burger King or Kentucky Fried Chicken in the main cities of Ecuador.

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