Ecuador Forest Cerro Blanco

Cerro Blanco Forest

ecuador forest cerro blanco

Ecuador forest Cerro Blanco is a dry tropical forest located 15 kilometers west from the city of Guayaquil.

It has an approximate extension of 2000 hectares of dry tropical forest.


The reserve is handled by the Pro-Bosque Foundation, which protects this delicate ecosystem in the Pacific Coast, with conservation and eco-tourism projects.

The rich fauna of the Cerro Blanco Protected Forest includes 54 species of mammals such as pumas, guanta (a large rodent), wild pigs and howler monkeys.

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One of the main characteristics of this forest is its diversity in bird species.BirdLife International named it the second most important bird area of Ecuador (IBA) after the Mindo Cloud Forest

This Ecuador forest is home to 213 species of birds such as the "Red Forehead Parrot" (Ara rubrogenys) an endemic species that changes its habitat every night.

There's also the Great Green Macaw (Ara ambigua guayaquilensis) which is a symbol of the reserve and an endangered species.

The Cerro Blanco Protected Forest presents a type of vegetation typical of the tropical dry forest of the Ecuadorian Coast.

During the rainy season, between January and May, the Ecuador forest vegetation turns completely green, while during the rest of the year it appears dry.

Cerro Blanco offers various activities for everyone. If you enjoy trekking, you can choose any of four different trails, each with different length and level of difficulty.

These trails are: the Auto-guided Trail, covering the foot of the mountain where you can observe the beautiful gigantic Kapok trees.

The Canoa Trail offers the chance to observe the wild animals coming down to drink fresh water.

The Buena Vista Short and Long trails offer exciting adventure to the top of the mountain and observation of the Canoa gorge, part of the Gulf of Guayaquil, with shrimp farms and mangroves.

In the reserve you can also visit the Dry Forest Conservation Center. Camping in this location is allowed. These activities, combined with the great natural enchantment of the reserve, make from this Cerro Blanco's Ecuador forest, a spectacular place.

It allows you to enjoy unique experiences in the beauty of the Dry Tropical Forest of Ecuador's Pacific Coast.

Visit the wonderful country of Ecuador located North - West of South America and enjoy nature at its best...

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