Ecuador Girls

Ecuador Girls are loyal, faithful and responsible by nature. They are successful in many areas of modern life.


ecuador girls

The standard greeting between a man and a woman, even upon meeting for the first time, is a quick kiss on the cheek.

Ecuador is known to be as the land of beautiful women. Ecuador women are regarded as pillars of society and culture.

One of the typical characteristics of Ecuador women is their ability to be responsible housewives.

They carry all the positive characteristics that a housewife is, like taking care of the house, the husband and their children (it is a tradition).

They tirelessly take their role as housewives with utmost responsibility and they are really good at doing so.

Due to traditional social and cultural structures, the boys are less protected than girls in the family.

It is a tradition at the age of 15, that Ecuador girls celebrate their birthday through large parties, much like that of their counterparts in the United States with their their sweet sixteen celebrations.

This tradition is widely celebrated and present in most South American countries.

Ecuador women generally take responsibility for the upbringing and taking care of their children.

Up until recently, it has been the housewives who do the household chores and the general care for the whole family.

However, with the entry of young Ecuador girls and woman in business and commerce and even politics, their active professional life has affected this and men are now taking roles in what used to be the responsibilities of the women.

Most women in Ecuador have a pleasing personality, which is reflected in their behavior.

Women work very efficiently in all the fields, whether it is about their home, their studies or maintaining a professional life, they perform in the best way.

The affectionate nature of Ecuador girls, make them all the more attractive to the outsiders.

Women in Ecuador follow a very traditional style of maintaining their house. They carry lots of old values that are passed on them by their elders.

The traditional values in Ecuadorian girls are appreciable. They are the part of a country, which follows the traditions but they are successful in applying both traditional and modern touches in their current life.

Girls in Ecuador also like to party and dance a lot, specially in the coast and beaches of this country. Bars and discotheques are the most visited every day of the week.

Anyway Ecuador women are respectable and most importantly they are the base of a strong family and domestic life.

Remember that Ecuador is far from been homogeneous. The population is a mix of Mestizo (mixed Amerindian and white), Amerindian, Spanish and Blacks.

There are more than 14 indigenous groups on the mainland each with their own identities and nuances.

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In general Ecuadorians are known for being warm and polite. They can be quite tactile and tend to stand much closer to each other when speaking than in many other cultures.

As a result they are highly tuned to body language and non-verbal communication.

Ecuador girls and boys are also optimistic and have a positive outlook on life. They prefer to see the glass as half full and try to make the best of any situation.

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