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Important Ecuador information, which is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in South America.


Ecuador has the biggest bio-diversity per area in the world. In a recent study by "Conservation International", Ecuador ranked among the 17 Mega Diverse countries, alongside the United States, China, Australia, Brazil and Mexico.

With 9.2 species per km2, it occupies the first place in the world with regards to species per area.

The richness of this country lies in its DIVERSITY, both natural and cultural. Ecuador has four diverse and unique regions:

  • The Amazon Rain Forest
  • The Coast
  • The Highland Andes
  • and the Galapagos Islands

These four regions are also subdivided into 24 provinces.

Besides its exuberant bio-diversity, this country is home to an impressive variety of Ecuador Cultures including some communities who still preserve their non-western or pre-Columbian values and practice cultural manifestations from ancient times.

LOCATION: Ecuador is one of the smallest countries in America. It lies on both the northern and southern Hemispheres and is divided by the "Equator" imaginary line, which gave Ecuador its name in the 19th Century.

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Ecuador borders are: Colombia (North), Peru (South and East), and the Pacific Ocean (West).

POPULATION: Approximately 13 million people.

LANGUAGE: Spanish. Its worth mentioning in this Ecuador information page that most of the indigenous population speaks Quichua and Spanish as well. In many schools English is taught as the second language. There are 18 different languages among Ecuadorian communities.

RELIGION: 95% are Catholics.

CURRENCY: Dollar. The government has produced a series of local coins of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 cents and 1 dollar coin, that have the same value as the American coins (which are also accepted). More about the Currency of Ecuador

Banks open from 8h30 to 17h00 and on Saturdays only half day. Money exchange offered every day in main hotels and in Amazonas street in Quito.

GOVERNMENT: Is Democratic. And the current President since 2007 is Rafael Correa. So far this is one of the most popular presidents that this country has ever had.

ECUADOR CLIMATE: This is another important Ecuador information fact because, Ecuador is located in the Tropical Zone.

The Weather in Ecuador ranges from tropical equatorial rain in the Amazon to perpetual snow on the top of the mountains.

Cities in the highlands have temperatures that vary from 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, while coastal cities' temperatures vary from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day.

The weather in the jungle is constant: rainy, humid and warm, however, temperature drops a bit during the months of June to November.

The Galapagos Islands are always sunny and warm, however, temperature drops a bit during the months of June to November.

WHAT TO WEAR: Ecuador information on the type of clothes to wear by cities:

In the Capital City of Quito and the highlands wear spring attire during June, July and August. During the rest of the months, bring warmer clothing like those you would wear during the fall.

A raincoat or jacket would be useful at night since it gets pretty chilly.

Guayaquil: and other coastal cities: wear summer clothing all year round. During the rainy months, December to May, the weather is still very warm.

During the months of June to November the weather is cloudy and a bit colder. Bring along a light jacket.

Galapagos Islands: wear comfortable walking shoes and casual clothing. Shorts, T-shirts and summer clothing will be just fine. Don't forget a hat, a camera, sun block, and a bathing suit. During the months of June to November the weather is cloudy and a bit colder.

Amazon Tropical Rain Forest: wear clothing adequate for a rain. If you can get yourself a raincoat (poncho), take it with you, as well as several sets of light pants and long sleeve shirts.

Shorts are less useful because of the insects and abundant vegetation that you will walk through on you excursions. A hat, rubber boots and insect repellents are also a must. If you plan to take pictures, you will need high-speed film.

AIRPORT TAX: There is a $25 tax fee for anyone leaving the country from Quito or Guayaquil.

TOURIST VISA: Visitors can stay up to 90 days without a tourist visa. Read More About Ecuador Visas

TAXI RATES: Approximately $3 to $5 dollars per ride from the airport to the city. These rates vary among the main cities.

TRANSPORTATION: Another Ecuador information fact is that the main cities (Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca) have local airports serviced by the local airlines Tame, Aerogal and Icaro, besides international airlines.

The airports in Quito and Guayaquil are the only ones handling international flights. Both cities have grown to surround their airports, which have renewed modern terminals.

The Ecuador Government is building new airports in these cities that will be bigger and will have all the necessary modern facilities and technologies.

Bus lines offer Land transportation where you can just jump on the next bus leaving to your destination.

Each city has its own terminal, with frequent departure to each one of the different provinces of our country.

OCEAN TRANSPORTATION: Ecuador's main port, Guayaquil, handles most of the countries imports and exports.

Esmeraldas is the port for Ecuador's petroleum exports. Other ports of commercial and tourist interest are located in the City of Manta and Puerto Bolivar.

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AWARD TO ECUADOR'S NATURE TOURISM: This is a recent Ecuador information fact where the Spanish magazine Viajes y Turismo awarded Ecuador for the "best offer of nature tourism". This is a ceremony that took place at Aranda de Duro location, approximately 150 km from Madrid.

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