Ecuador Major Holidays

What are some of Ecuador's major holidays.

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Most of Ecuador's Holidays and celebrations have a religious or a city foundation background. Let see some of the best:

At the end of February, are 4 days of continuous celebration named Carnival where people throws water against each other, in the old beliefs, this has a certain meaning of cleaning your soul and body.

These Carnival celebrations are one of the most important in Ecuador, the beaches of the country are full of tourists from Ecuador and from all over the world.

Foundation of Guayaquil
July 23 to 25, a big military parade is held. The City of Guayaquil is where the main port of Ecuador is located. There will be lots of parades and dancing.

Independence Day
August 10th First Outcry for Independence from Spain anniversary 1809 (National Civic Day).

Foundation of Quito
This could be one of the most visited and celebrated holiday in Ecuador.

Friendly people, bands, chivas (a truck with no windows nor doors, where people in company of a band inside the truck, sings and dances while touring the city).

Parties and dancing all over the city, visitors from all the country and foreigners have a real great time.

Mama Negra Celebration
Mama Negra festivities in Ecuador are celebrated in September in honor of the Lady of Mercy.

And also during November to celebrate the independence of Latacunga city in the Highlands.

New Years Eve
December 31st. In the night most people burn dummies or dolls on the streets meaning that this tradition will bring good luck on the new year.

Lots of fireworks and happy dancings on the stress in every corner of Ecuador.

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