Ecuador Newspapers

Ecuador Newspapers with a complete list of national and local newspapers covering general news, culture and entertainment.


Get multiple perspectives on Ecuador news, current events, politics and business, read articles and comments from national and regional newspapers.

Most newspapers in Ecuador nowadays provide free on-line access to their classified ads and archives.

Quito Newspapers

El Comercio This is one of Ecuador's oldest newspapers, serving Ecuadorians for more than one hundred years. National coverage in Spanish.

La Hora It's a local daily newspaper.

Diario Hoy It's a major local newspaper.

Ultimas Noticias Local daily newspaper delivered in the afternoons.

Guayaquil Newspapers

El Universo National newspaper from Guayaquil in Spanish.

El Telegrafo It's a major local daily newspaper.

Expreso It's a local daily newspaper.

Diario Extra It's a local daily newspaper.

Cuenca Newspapers

El Mercurio It's the most important local newspaper in Cuenca.

El Tiempo It's a local daily newspaper.

Loja Newspaper

Cronica de la Tarde It's a local daily newspaper in Loja.

Ambato Newspaper

El Heraldo It's the local daily newspaper in Ambato.

Ibarra Newspaper

Diario del Norte It's the local daily newspaper in Ibarra.

Riobamba Newspapers

Diario la Prensa It's the local daily newspaper in Riobamba.

Diario los Andes It's the regional daily newspaper in Riobamba.

Latacunga Newspaper

La Gaceta It's the only local newspaper in Latacunga.

Manta Newspaper

Diario El Mercurio It's the local daily newspaper in Manta.

Galapagos Islands Newspapers

El Colono It's the local daily newspaper printed in Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island.

There are many more Ecuador newspapers available than those listed above, so it is a good idea to look around when you are visiting.

National and regional newspapers in Ecuador contain all kinds of information concerning national and international issues.

You will find that local newspapers are a great way to find out what attractions are available in a certain city or what time certain celebrations, theater or movie productions start.

Be it politics, business, movies, sports, economy, etc. the print, media is the oldest, most conventional medium of circulating news, specially so in Ecuador.

This is one of the reasons in the last century, the newspaper business in Ecuador has seen a big boom.

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