Ecuador Real Estate in Vilcabamba

Ecuador Real Estate, particularly in the extraordinary valley of Vilcabamba, is the best financial investment you can make now.


The year round spring-like climate ranges approximately from an unbelievable 65 to 83 degrees.

It's perfect for indoor-outdoor living in a humidity free and pure air environment.

It's a magnificent place to live, retire, have a vacation home, or investment property for anyone interested in Ecuador real estate.

San Joaquin in Vilcabamba with Lots (L) and Country Estates (Q)


Vilcabamba has been included in a group of only three places in the world that have an unusually disproportionate number of centenarians per capita.

It has been honored as the crème-de-la-crème by dozens of noted and world famous researchers, scientists, medical practitioners, medical experts, and journalists who have visited, lived in and written about its unusual centenarianchampions of health.

Vilcabamba is an idyllic land of lush, subtropical agriculture where nearly every imaginable grain, fruit and vegetable (and flower) grow.

Known as the Sacred Valley, Vilcabamba has been variously called "The Isle of Immunity for Heart Disease," "The Land of Eternal Youth," "The Valley of Peace and Tranquility," and "The Lost Paradise." More About Vilcabamba Valley

It has been given these labels because of the valley's solitude, serenity, clean air, dazzling sun, nearly constant blue sky and pure mineral drinking water.

Also because of its medicinal herbs, green fields, towering mountains, friendly people, helpful neighbors, lack of illness and a kind of ubiquitous beauty that penetrates one's soul and provides a sense of well-being.

Hacienda San Joaquin in Vilcabamba exemplifies Ecuador real estate at its best. More Information About Ecuador

The property located two miles west of downtown Vilcabamba, it is a very private, gated, deed-restricted, tranquil paradise within the paradise that is Vilcabamba.

vilcabamba homes

It offers 95 beautiful riverfront and hillside home sites (Lots), and Five Beautiful New Homes for Sale with spectacular views of the Andes Mountains and Vilcabamba River.

There's an Equestrian and Hiking Center (with two stables and three corrals), a river park, all utilities including high-speed Internet, and remarkable hiking and horse trails on the self-contained 2,500-acre 5,000-ft elevation property.

There is no other Ecuador real estate property like it in Vilcabamba. Click Here for Information on Sizes and Prices of Lots and Country Estates Available

It is protected on three sides by the mountains that wrap around it and on the fourth by the Vilcabamba River that flows on its southern boundary.

The elevation of the property rises from the valley floor at 4839 feet to the mountaintop at 6512 feet. The home sites utilize a small amount of land leaving many hundreds of private acres for hiking, horseback riding, and the like.

The Hacienda is lush with vegetation. There are many trees. It is ideal horse country. You can have a horse at your home or board it at the stables on the property. You can also fish, kayak, wade, and swim in the river.

Other recreational opportunities include walking, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, bird watching, and gardening. The land is organic and fertile. Throughout the property are an abundance of birds and butterflies.

You can grow just about anything, for example: papaya, mango, guava, avocado, cherimoya, bananas, coffee, oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, lemons, limes, berries, coconut, and all kinds of vegetables and flowers.

Hacienda San Joaquin is a dream of a place to live. It is also an excellent Ecuador real estate financial investment. Hacienda San Joaquin is a deed-restricted community. Covenants will protect your quality of life and your investment in property.

Ecuador Property (Estate) for Sale in Ecuador's Andes Mountains, this is one of the Finest Estates in all of South America.

Lots and Country Estates Include:

High quality tree-lined asphalt roads, water, electricity, internet, river access at the River Park, stables' and corrals' usage (fee), and hiking and horse trails in a deed-restricted community.

For those who seek Ecuador real estate, at Hacienda San Joaquin, you canown a beautiful riverfront or mountainside home on one half to six beautiful acres in one of the most pristine, spectacular, and healthy locations in the world. Here's the list of Prices and Sizes of Available Lots and Country Estates

The weather is extraordinary year round in Vilcabamba and the quality of life is exceptionally high.

SPECIAL NOTE: Neither pictures nor words can truly express the beauty and tranquility of this place, and that's why the best way you can experience this magical location is by visiting it personally. You will discover that it's truly a life-changing experience. Click here to Contact the Owner of this Project for More Information

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