Ecuador Riobamba

Ecuador Riobamba located in the Chimborazo province is rich in traditions, handicrafts and natural beauty.


It is surrounded by many lakes and beautiful paramo Andean landscapes.

The city is the commercial center for the Chimborazo province, also an important point of highland cultures, because many indigenous communities live in this province, that contrasts with the self-styled European aristocracy.

It is home to challenging peaks and towering volcanoes such as the Chimborazo Volcano which is located in the western Andean range; it's summit rises 6,310 meters (20,700 feet) above sea level.

Chimborazo Volcano

ecuador riobamba and chimborazo volcano

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This is Ecuador's highest peak and the furthest point from the center of the Earth, because of the high elevation, the location of the mountain at the equator and the shape of the Earth. See More Volcanoes in Ecuador

Incredible Railway Adventure!

At the foot of Chimborazo volcano is the city of Riobamba, known as "The Sultan of the Andes", a crossroad for the very famous train that goes to "la Nariz del Diablo" (the Devil's Nose) through the town of Alausi.

Metropolitan Touring's Expreso takes you to this amazing place, where you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, as the expreso zigzags from the dizzying heights of the Andes to sea level, in a matter of hours.

On Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 7h00 the train leaves the station in Riobamba, it passes through Cajabamba and the breathtaking Colta lagoons, and the small Guamote village.

At 10h30 the train climbs to a little picturesque town in the highlands called Alausi. The train goes backwards on the way down, until it reaches the Simbambe station, and after 30 minutes it goes back to Alausi.

At 13h30 it leaves back towards Ecuador Riobamba, where it arrives at 17h00. Make sure you travel on the roof of the train (very traditional) to have a better view. Be prepared for an unforgettable trip!

Locations to Visit in Ecuador Riobamaba

This city has several interesting places to visit like plazas and parks. With its colonial architecture and cobblestone streets, Riobamba's Old Town is a favorite among foreign tourists, with Parque Pedro Vicente Maldonado (with a statue of the local scientist) being a particularly interesting destination.

Near this park you will see the Santa Barbara Cathedral with beautiful colonial stone facade and an incongruously modern interior.

The Municipality and several colonial buildings with arcades.

Visit the 21 de Abril Park named after the city's Independence from Spain This park offers you and excellent view of Ecuador Riobamba and the Peaks.

It also has a colorful tile tableau of the history of Ecuador. Near the park is San Antonio de Padua's church where bible stories are written in the windows.

Guayaquil Park is the largest in the urban area, with a small lake, a ban shell, a good playground.

You can also find an unusual sculpture made by a local artist.

Ecuador Riobamba is a city with an important market center where indigenous people from many communities congregate.

Saturday is the main day when the city fills with colorful dressed Indians from different parts of the Chimborazo province, each wearing their distinctive costume.

Trading and selling overflows the markets all over the Riobamba.

The tourist market is in the small Plaza Roja. It is a good place to buy local handicrafts and authentic Indian clothing only on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The Concepcion Convent: This Convent in Ecuador Riobamba, has been carefully restored by the Government and now it functions as a religious art museum. It is a wonderful treasure from the 18th century's religious art.

The priceless gold monstrance, "Custodia de Riobamba Antigua", is the museum greatest treasure, one of the richest of its kind in South America. This museum is definitively worth visiting.

Armas Museum:
You will see a good collection of arms, uniforms and religious artifacts used through different periods of Ecuadorian history.

It is housed in a historical hacienda house where the peace treaty between liberal and conservative forces was signed. You can also visit the former hacienda and ride horses.

Town of Guano, at ten minutes by road from Riobamba, is an important handicraft center known for its wool and carpet weavings.

Town of Guamote, close to Guano, is also famous for its colonial architecture as well as for its woolens.

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Outdoor sports enthusiasts will enjoy fishing at nearby Lake Ozogoche and hiking in Chunchi, where wildlife abounds in the dense vegetation.

Visitors to this region also enjoy visiting churches and early colonial homes in Cajabamba and the church at La Balbanera the oldest Spanish-built structure in Ecuador.

Ecuador Riobamba is waiting for you, for an unforgettable experience!

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