Ecuador Travel Regulations for Pets

by Chris

What is required to bring pets (or live animals) into Ecuador?

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The acceptance of live animals transportation is determined by the IATA Live Animal Regulations Manual and the carrier's internal regulations.

Therefore, and in view of the great coordination implied on this kind of transportation, transport acceptance is required in advance.

Required Documents

Sender's certificate (provided by the Airline). A rabies vaccination certificate (cats and dogs).

For international flights, the rabies vaccination certificate must be valid for 6 months maximum and be legalized by the consulate of destination country.

Air transport authorization issued by the local Agricultural Ministry (SESA).

Packing of Live Animals

Packaging must be clean, impervious, spill proof, leak proof, so that there is a safe handling during transport.

The container floor must be fitted with a layer allowing absorption of animal excrements.

The use of straw as absorbent material should be avoided, given that many countries forbid the entry of straw as a vector for pests in agriculture.

Animal's Health and Conditions

Animals to be transported must not show signs of illness.

The transportation of animals in late gestation is forbidden in Ecuador.

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