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Ecuador Travel information and adventures around the highlands and lowlands of this country.


You will particularly enjoy the amazing biodiversity of the country and its culture of rich heritage and ancient traditions.

Ecuador will instantly enchant you.

Because of its location on the Equator and the Andes Mountains, Ecuador has no real seasons and it receives the most amount of sunlight on the planet.

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Ecuador's unique climate allows for year-round operation of outdoor adventure programs.

Trek and Hike through National Parks and Reserves, large Haciendas and Indian communities.

Treks descend from the Highlands to the sub-tropical Cloud Forest, along amazing gorge trails and the awe-inspiring Avenue of the Volcanoes.

Ecuador Rain Forest

Ecuador's rain forest is located in the heart of the world's largest and most famous tropical rain forest, the Amazon Basin.

A short flight, or a descent by road down the flanks of the Andes Mountains, leads modern explorers and adventurers along the same routes the first Spanish Conquerors ventured through in their search of El Dorado or the land of Cinnamon... and found the mighty Amazon River instead.

Ecuador's portion of the Amazon rain forest is regarded as the most accessible of all the countries that share the Basin.

Leaving Quito City in the morning, you can be swinging in a hammock at your chosen lodge before lunchtime.

The country is also a continent-leader in nature and community Ecuador travel initiatives, where the value of the forest and of its inhabitants' heritage has been recognized and prized above its short-term exploitation.

By visiting the rain forest and staying at responsible lodges, you are actively contributing to its conservation for future generations and of course, exploring one of the planet's most fascinating ecosystems. See Our Recommended Amazon Jungle Tour

You can explore the rain forest on treks on terra firma forest beneath the gigantic Amazon trees, along boardwalks crossing palm swamps and up observation towers for a close look at the forest canopy.

Take to native dugout canoes to paddle up rivers and creeks, or start early for birdwatching outings.

Climb canopy towers or walkways for wonderful perspectives of the forests and its denizens.

Visit the Andean Moorlands

The moorlands (paramo in Spanish) is a characteristic formation of the Tropical Andes of the North of South America, between the upper forest line (about 3500 meters altitude) and the permanent snow line (about 5000 meters).

The ecosystem consists of mostly glacier formed valleys and plains with a large variety of lakes, peat (decayed vegetation matter) swamps and wet grasslands intermingled with shrub and forest patches.

The paramo (moorland) is great for an Ecuador travel adventure because it has a great biodiversity.

There are plants, mammals and birds and multicolored flora such as spongy vegetation (cushion bogs), bromeliads, mosses and small forests of Andean trees such as Puma Maqui (hand of the puma), Polylepis and Ginoxis.

This is also the habitat of deer, rabbits, wolves and a great diversity of bird-fauna from the tiniest hummingbird to the Majestic Andean Condor the largest flying bird in the world.

Ecuador Travel Summary

Beyond fauna and flora, the people of this endowed place developed, through centuries of civilization, a culture of rich heritage.

This is evident in its traditions, archeology and all manifestations of art, from architecture, to music and plastic arts.

Ecuadorians are gentle and friendly; you will be warmly welcomed in cities large and small.

Local cuisine is highly appealing and varied, including the best Pacific shrimp (Ceviche) and assorted tropical fruits.

The Weather in Ecuador is another plus springtime around the year.

Ecuador also has some of the most beautiful handicrafts in South America.

You can find them in local Indian markets and at shops and galleries in the main cities, such as in Otavalo City

Here you will find: hand made ponchos, hand-knit wool sweaters, hand-woven rugs, embroidered dresses and blouses, wall hangings, the famous Panama hats (an original Ecuadorian handicraft), pre-Columbian jewelry, ceramics, primitive and modern paintings, leather, woodcarvings, etc.

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Experience your Ecuador travel adventure in a fascinating land blessed by nature, ready to fulfill your dreams of discovery.

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