Ecuador in South America

Visit Ecuador, one of the most exciting countries in South America. It's a country you'll never forget due to its amazing diversity.


This wonderful land (Country to which the Galapagos Islands belong) is located on the northwest of South America, right in the middle of the world straddling latitude 0.

It borders with Colombia (North), Peru (South and East), and the Pacific Ocean (West).

Ecuador has four natural regions to offer you, and are all easily accessible.

These regions are:

  • The Highlands with amazing landscapes
  • The Coast with paradisaical beaches
  • The exotic and wild Rainforests
  • And the enchanted Galapagos Islands

Ecuador's Amazon Rainforest

ecuador hummingbirds

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The sun shines, going across the territory, from East to West, welcoming tourists all year round.

Traveling in and around the highlands and lowlands of Ecuador, you will particularly enjoy the amazing biodiversity of the country: 1,600 species of birds, 1,000 species of fish, 680 of reptiles and amphibians, 230 of mammals, and more than 20,000 species of plants.

An amazing and diverse land that also offers travelers a wide variety of landscapes:

  • from pearly Beaches on the Pacific Ocean to magic rain forests in the Amazon.
  • From snowcapped mountains and volcanoes in the Andes to quaint Colonial cities.
  • From business oriented centers to the fabled Galapagos Islands.

Beyond fauna and flora, the people of this endowed place developed, through centuries of civilization, a culture of rich heritage, as is evident in its traditions, archeology and all manifestations of art, from architecture, to music and plastic arts.

It is in Ecuador where the first explorers to the Amazon River led by the Spanish conquistador Francisco de Orellana, decided in 1541 to head eastward.

They discovered more than just a river!

It is here where Charles Marie de la Condamine led the official expedition in 1735 to measure the middle of the world; and indeed, found a whole country which bears its equatorial name.

It is in this same country where Alexander Von Humboldt, Edward Whymper and Frederick Church saw beauty, sense of purpose, and most of all, inspiration.

But of course, it is Charles Darwin who in 1835 visited the Galapagos Islands and years later changed conventional thinking forever.

Indian Market

ecuador indian market

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This country has some of the most fanciful handicrafts in South America. You can find them in local Indian markets and at shops and galleries in the main cities.

Best handicrafts to buy are ponchos, wall hangings, hand-knit sweaters, hand-woven rugs, embroidered dresses and blouses, the famous Panama Hat (an original Ecuadorian handicraft), jewelry (including designer pieces with pre-Columbian beads worked in silver and gold), ceramics, primitive and modern paintings, leather, etc.

Ecuador and the Exotic Islands of Galapagos are the perfect setting for an action-packed and truly unforgettable vacation surrounded by peace and safeness.

The country instantly enchants those who have a zest for life, a yen for adventure, a taste for the unseen, and an eye for color and beauty. Because of its location on the Equator and the Andes mountain ranges, It has no real seasons.

Its year-round, spring-like weather offers the most amount of sunlight on the planet. Quito is the capital city of this Country

Trek and hike through National Parks and Reserves, large haciendas and Indian communities. Descend from highlands to the subtropical cloud forest, along amazing gorge trails and the awesome Avenue of the Volcanoes.

Most travel companies offer camping tours with good camping equipment to enjoy this adventure.

The impressive flanks of the Andean range are the origin of spectacular rivers and canyons that empty into the Amazon Basin and Coastal regions. Gather local materials and build your own balsa raft. Experience what the jungle offers.

Adventurous spirits will enjoy in this country Rafting and Kayaking with the opportunity to paddle the crater-lake of Cuicocha and exceptional tropical white water rivers.

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In this section, I am including a summary of the country's history, geography, government, currency, national flag, etc. There are also interesting facts and wonderful descriptions of the most beautiful cities, beaches, national parks, volcanoes and places worth visiting in this country.

General Information

General information about the Country Useful information specially for travelers.

National Currency Travel with total confidence and money exchange hassle free.

Map of this Country This is one of the smallest countries in South America. It lies on both the northern and southern Hemispheres and is divided by the Equator, which gave Ecuador its name in the 19th Century.

National Flag Flag picture with a description of its colors and components.

Its Cultures We must go back in time to the Pre-Columbian Cultures, ethnic groups that lived in America before the arrival of Columbus. A complete description.

Its People and Customs The majority of the population is Roman Catholic, although other Christian and non-Christian religions are also present.

History of the Republic The country where the first Outcry for independence in South America was held.

The Independence of this Country It happened at the time of the so called bourgeois revolutions, whose maximum expressions were the Independence of the United States of America (1776) and mainly the French Revolution (1789).

Geography Ecuadorian territory is bisected North to South by the Andes Mountain range, which divides it into three natural regions, each with its own different characteristics.

Main Traditions Learn more about some interesting Ecuadorian Traditions.

Diverse Weather This country offers a wide variety of climates for visitors, most of the year is sunny and warm in most of its cities.

Its Government It is a constitutional democratic Republic, headed by a president. The constitution has been changed several times during Ecuador's life as a nation, although the republican, presidential system has been maintained throughout.

Exportations Worldwide Ecuador is well known mainly because this country is the world's premier exporter of Oil, Bananas and other exotic fruits.

The Colonial Churches These Churches are a historical treasure, most of them were built more than 300 hundred years ago.

Its Delicious Food: A good description of the tasty foods we cook here. It includes recipes.

More Ecuadorian Recipes: Food from the Highlands, Coast and the Amazon Rain forest.

Mansion for Sale in Vilcabamba: Luxury property available in the Andes Mountains. This exclusive mansion is located close to the town of Vilcabamba near the city of Loja, is one of the finest estates in all of South America. 

Cities of the Highlands

Quito City Besides its amazing landscapes, surrounded by hills and several snowcapped mountains, Quito is known for its treasures of Colonial Churches, paintings, sculptures and carvings.

Otavalo People Otavalo Market is the Country's most famous Indian market.

City of Ibarra Located on a wide and green valley, at the foot of Imbabura volcano. An amazing city not to be missed in your trip around this beautiful South American country.

City of Ambato This beautiful city is known as the Land of the Flowers and Fruits.

Beautiful Loja The city of Loja has become a touristic attraction because of the beautiful architecture of its historic downtown, with narrow streets, houses, which facades have been painted with strong colors that call the attention of visitors.

Vilcabamba Valley This fantastic location is known in the scientific world for the large number of native people who live well past the age of 100 and for its spring weather all year round.

City of Riobamba Home to Challenging Peaks and Towering Volcanoes. A city rich in history, traditions, handicrafts, and natural beauty, with many lakes and beautiful paramo Andean landscapes.

Saquisili Indian Market It's the largest and most important Indian Market of the central region of the Andes.

The City of Banos This city is a Sanctuary full of nature and is becoming one of the most important tourist cities in this country offering a wide variety of adventure sports.

The City of Cayambe It is a quiet and pleasant highland town. The countryside area of Cayambe is surrounded by flower plantations and farms. It is considered to be the cheese capital of the country due to the enormous production of it.

The Town of Salcedo Salcedo Ecuador is a peaceful town located in the province of Cotopaxi. It has an Indian market where you can find hand made ponchos, hats and more local products of good quality.

Cities and Beaches of the Coast

Guayaquil Here's a brief history of the independence of this major port city. (This is the city that never sleeps).

Esmeraldas Esmeraldas is called the Green Province due to its exuberant vegetation. Wonderful beaches can be found here also.

The Beach of Salinas: Salinas is one of the Country's best and most exclusive Beach Resorts.

The Beautiful Beach of Manta This is Ecuador's major port along the central coast. Colorful fishing villages, unspoiled beaches and unusual tropical dry forest make Manta an important tourist destination and the starting point for exciting day trips.

Montanita Beach The beach of Montanita has spectacular waves ideal for surfing. It is the perfect spot for those who love the tropics, the sea, the perpetual warm water and a multicultural atmosphere.

Bahia de Caraquez It is a splendid city easy to manage with an spectacular view, lovely weather and very well preserved and clean beaches.

The City of Babahoyo This is the Capital city of Los Rios province. It is a typical coastal city surrounded by two main rivers. It is a processing and trade center for the surrounding agricultural region.

National Parks and Reservations

Mindo Cloud Forest The Valley of Mindo is part of the protected 48,000-acre (19,200 hectares) Mindo-Nambillo Reserve. Located only an hour and 45 minutes from Quito on the lower flanks of the western Andes in the Province of Pichincha.

Adventure Travel at El Boliche Is a spectacular spot that allows visitors to enjoy the natural wonders of the Andean highlands.

Yasuni National Park Located right in the heart of the Country's Amazon tropical rain forest, between the provinces of Napo and Pastaza.

The Machalilla National Park This amazing park contains one of the Largest Tropical Dry Forests in the World.

Cerro Blanco Dry Forest The rich fauna of this protected Forest includes 54 species of mammals, and BirdLife International named it the second most important bird area of Ecuador.

Cotopaxi National Park This is one of the main natural protected areas of Ecuador. It is located in the provinces of Cotopaxi, Napo and Pichincha with an extension of 88,920 acres.

The Antisana Reserve The Antisana Ecological Reserve has a spectacular landscape, enhanced by the marvelous Antisana Volcano.

Cajas National Park This park has a rich biodiversity, and many recreational opportunities, specially for trekking and hiking.

Stunning Volcanoes

Tungurahua Volcano Fireworks at Tungurahua volcano near the city of Banos, with its latest updates.

Chimborazo Volcano The Chimborazo volcano is the highest Ecuadorian mountain (20,702 feet) and the third highest elevation in America.

More Volcanoes Visiting the volcanoes in this country is the newest tourist attraction in the Andes mountains.

The Amazon Rain Forest

Amazon Tropical Rain Forest It is located in the heart of the Amazon Basin, a unique ecosystem with a vast green wilderness (Complete information).

Papallacta Is a small and rustic village located over 3.300 meters above sea level (10.800 feet), on the 65th KM (40 th Miles) at the eastern side of Quito. The town has thermal waters that are well are known for its power to alleviate illnesses such as arthritis, acne, digestive problems or bad circulation. With temperatures at their origins from 30 to 70 ºC (86 and 157 ºF).

The City of Macas Macas Ecuador is a Beautiful City and its surrounding areas have been well protected by the Shuar and Achuar Indians who live there.

Amazon Jungle Tours These adventure jungle tours will take you through the exciting and wild Rain forest of Ecuador. Explore one of the world's most diverse ecosystems with its fascinating wildlife and stunning scenery.

More Useful Information

Birdwatching in Ecuador is an experience you should not miss during your vacations in this South American paradise.

Important Country Facts General facts about this wonderful country including some great tips.

Its Wonderful Music Incredible sounds and instruments of this Enchanted South American Country.

Holidays and Celebrations Detailed descriptions on each major celebration, including historical dates.

Most of these feasts have a religious background, but people really enjoy dancing while in the parades.

Famous Panama Straw Hats These hats have always been made in Ecuador. Learn more of its international quality and how they are Made.

Sports you can Practice A wide variety of adventure sports that you can enjoy while visiting.

Adventure Rafting This is an exceptional experience for the adventurous rafters...

Navigate through rivers surrounded by the stunning Amazon jungle forest passing by Indian communities and admiring abundant bird life.

Mountain Biking: This sport offers a experience with a different sensation of adventure, along fascinating trails among the marvelous landscapes of this magical country.

Reasons to Visit Ecuador

  • Four natural regions
  • 27 rivers for aquatic sports
  • Good highways & roads
  • 60,000 mi2 of Amazon tropical rain forest
  • The Andes Mountain Range
  • 10 National Parks
  • 26 Protected Areas
  • 18% of Ecuador's territory is protected
  • 4 World Heritage Sites (2 Cultural & 2 Natural)
  • Area: 256,379 km2

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