El Angel Ecuador

El Angel Ecuador is a small and peaceful village located near the city of San Gabriel.

The village is surrounded by an Ecological Reserve with exuberant highland vegetation.


Andean Condors have also been seen around this area.

The humid moorlands of El Angel are in the Province of Carchi north of Ecuador.

This type of moorlands is protected within the Ecological Reserve of El Angel.

This reserve absorbs the humidity of the atmosphere to allow the life, growth and development of the frailejones which is a natural, endemic plant of the northern Andes Mountains.

The ecological reserve El Angel Ecuador is a spring where many rivers are born.

This is why these are the most humid moorlands in Ecuador and why the flora has adapted so well to the environment.

In the El Angel moorland, you will feel a penetrating cold but, contradictorily, your skin will get bronzed, as if you were on the beach, under the burning sun of summer.

This singular ecosystem, generally humid and rainy, occupies 70% of the El Angel reserve.

El Angel Ecuador ecosystem also has several species of plants shaped like pillows that hold large amounts of water.

These plants are specially adapted to resist high concentrations of water, and their leaves are very resistant to the cold and heavy rainfall.

Animal life found here includes deer, rabbits, and wolves, several species of mice, among them a marsupial mouse, weasels, wild cats and Andean pumas.

Among the birds are caracaras (curiquingues), gulls, ducks, glosdy-black thrushes (Turdus Serranus), doves and quail.

At a lower altitude, in the flanks of the mountains of El Angel Ecuador reserve there are remnants of native tree forests like the Aliso or Alder, Pumamaqui (hand of the puma), Arrayanes or Myrtle (Luma apiculata) and Polylepis or paper tree.

Polylepis trees grow up to twelve meters tall, their trunks are twisted and have a flaky reddish-brown bark that peels off like paper.

El Angel Ecological Reserve was declared such since 1992, covering approximately 16,000 hectares of amazing moorlands.

Andean Condors have also been seen around this area becoming one of the country's few places where you can appreciate this magnificent endemic bird.

El Angel Ecuador Attractions

El Voladero Lagoons: there are three lagoons located in a glacier valley at 3,700 m altitude. It is a great place for hiking and see dotted ducks, moorland seagulls, rabbits, wolves and deers.

Socavones Site: its is a perfect location where you will see the whole lower area of the El Angel reserve and admire its stunning landscapes.

Razococha Lagoon: it is a natural forest that serves as a refuge to hundred of birds. Andean Condors can be seen in this area.

Hot Springs: these thermal waters are close to the village of El Angel and they are surrounded by a gorgeous wood. Many people come here because of its healing characteristics.

El Angel Ecuador, together with its many creeks, cascades and lakes, turn this ecological reserve into a paradisaical place, unique and special.

This ecological reserve is unique in the world with spots that seem magical, and almost untouched.

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