Esmeraldas Ecuador

Esmeraldas Ecuador has abundant tropical vegetation, mangrove forests, majestic rivers and stunning beaches.

All these natural characteristics make this province an important tourist destination in the nation.


Esmeraldas Beach

esmeraldas ecuador

Esmeraldas is located to the North of the country.

It is a tropical and warm region as a consequence of the cold Humboldt current.

This current comes from the south and drifts off before reaching the coast of Esmeraldas.

When we watch the sky and the horizon and we see the sun shining as it hides, we remember part of our national anthem and we realize how wonderful God was when he gave us this piece of land.

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You can enjoy the twilight and observe the abundant and green vegetation of this region, crossed by several rivers, with fertile grounds in which many products can grow to feed the happy and noisy people that live in Esmeraldas Ecuador.

Esmeraldas is called the Green Province due to the abundant vegetation that surrounds this beautiful place and for the brilliant gems that the Spaniards thought it had.

The Esmeraldas River runs through the province contributing with its paradisaical tropical beauty, vegetation and fauna.

Esmeraldas Ecuador also boasts some of the coast's most stunning beaches, most bordered by small settlements subsisting on the sea's harvest.

The tourism is heavy during holiday seasons at any of the province's oceanfront resorts, which range from party-towns bringing in swarms of vacationers to tranquil elite hideaways.

Ecuador Esmeraldas greatest attraction, however, is the openness and happiness of its people. The majority are Afro-Ecuadorians, whose ancestors arrived in Esmeraldas in the 1600's via wrecked slave ships or escape from Colombian sugar plantations.

And there's a tale here that tells of the adventure of a ship full of slaves that was heading toward Cartagena in Colombia and was shipwrecked at the coasts of Esmeraldas.

These African people found Freedom and attractive living conditions in Esmeraldas Ecuador and decided to settled there.

This is a lively community with extraordinary musical manifestations. Their favorite instrument is the Marimba which is made of a very hard wood called "Chonta" (ironwood) and Bamboo. See More About Ecuador Music

Protected areas such as Mataje-Cayapas, near the town of San Lorenzo, adventure and ecological places such as Playa de Oro, rural areas such as Golondrinas and scientific zones such as La Tolita are resources of future development for Esmeraldas Ecuador.

Tourists facilities are improving every day and inexpensive hotels, as well as luxury cabins can now be found near its exotic beaches.

Esmeraldas Ecuador Beaches

Atacames Beach

Is located half an hour south of the city of Esmeraldas. This beach has a wonderful night life, visited by thousands of foreigners all year round.

Twenty-four hour thatched-roof bars right on the sand serve up sinful tropical fruit drinks to the pounding of reggae and salsa beats.

Ecuadorians and foreigners alike stroll along the jumbled oceanfront row of hotels and restaurants, checking out the scene.

Everyone and everything in Atacames is permeated with a let-loose, summer vacation air.

Playa Escondida

This is an ecological reserve of 100 hectares boasting a safe, private and pristine beach that offers a relaxing alternative for families and travelers.

Sua Beach

Sua, a fishing town about 15 minutes from Atacames. It has a quiet and pretty beach with basic accommodations.

Same Beach

This is an elite resort in Ecuador Esmeraldas. Same's sparkling sands are bordered by swaying palms, Mediterranean style luxury condominiums (some available for weekly rental) and stylish hotels.

Hot water, swimming pools, and gourmet food are always a standard at Same.

Tonsupa Beach

This is a relaxing beach mainly for families that want to spend their vacations in a tranquil place. It has many modern buildings as well as good hotels.

Muisne Island Beach

It is like a lost paradise with long stretches of sunset perfect beaches, Muisne suits its end-of-the-road locale and makes a good destination for those who want to get away from it all.

Barefooted locals pedal the few tourists across the Island in rickety bicycle taxis, from the tiny town where the ferries dock to the small selection of oceanfront hotels offering basic budget-level accommodations.

The City of Esmeraldas

By far the most exciting time to visit Esmeraldas downtown is during the first five days of August, when the city shuts down its normal activities and transforms into one giant party celebrating its independence.

Big parades are held during the day with everything from cowboys to high school bands to military platoons enliven the streets before a throng of onlookers, while at night dozens of block parties erupt with frenetic revelry.

During your visit you should not miss the marimba performance in the stadium. This is a great opportunity to see this stunning music and dance, revived by those whose ancestors brought it from Africa.

Esmeraldas Ecuador History

When you visit this Ecuador province, you will notice the influence of eastern African dress, music and customs.

European feet first touched Ecuadorian soil here when the Spanish landed on the Pacific Coast in 1526. The conquistadors were astounded to find Indians bedecked in emeralds awaiting them on shore.

The Spaniards were convinced that the whole region was abundant in the brilliant gems, and that's why they named it Esmeraldas.

Visit Esmeraldas Ecuador to relax and enjoy its warm beaches and lovely people...

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