Experiencing with Galapagos Sea Lions

by Elizabeth
(United States)

We just got back from our Galapagos land tour and had a fabulous time in this archipelago.

The service at Palmeras hotel in Santa cruz island was wonderful!

During our trip we had a chance to swim and snorkel with sea lions and a big sea lion and a baby adopted our family and played with us for a long time.

It was an amazing experience to swim with such wonderful mammals playing with us in the wild.

We loved Tortuga Bay beach it must be one of the most beautiful beaches in Galapagos. The sunsets here are just stunning!

We saw finches, marine iguanas, pelicans, flamingos, lava gulls and many more endemic Galapagos animals.

The Galapagos are indeed a living museum of evolutionary changes. It is surprising to see that the animals in the entire Galapagos islands are unafraid of humans and so different from any other species in the world.

Thank you so much Zuri for arranging this wonderful tour for us.


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