Fernandina Galapagos Island

Fernandina Galapagos Island (or Narborough), is the youngest and most westerly of the major Islands of Galapagos.


It's remote location and striking volcanic landscapes turns it into one of the most exotic Islands and yet the least visited one.

This Island is the third largest in the Galapagos Archipelago, with an area of 642 Km2 and it is located on the west side of Isabela Island.

It is also the most volcanically active Island in the archipelago and its volcano has erupted several times, last eruption was on May 2005.

The volcano on its southern flank had a fissure eruption that generated flows, and they headed straight down after few hours of the activity.

These flows, undoubtedly lethal because of their temperature, seemed like hot fudge running down a cold scoop of ice cream.

This analogy, although strange by concept, is very close to what happens in reality: a hot semi liquid material running over a cold surface.

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La Cumbre Volcano on Fernandina Galapagos Island can reach up to 1500 meters in height with a crater opening of about 6.5 km wide but visitors will only see the outside skirts of this crater.

Due to its recent volcanic activity, the Island does not present much plant life and it has a rather gray ambiance.

However, some popular animal in this island is the Marine Iguana of Galapagos which can often be seen sunbathing or swimming near the shore.

The marine iguanas from Galapagos are the only lizards that are known to swim in the world.

These animals are part of Fernandina Galapagos Island and it is quite a view to see them change their colors from a blackish green to amazing blues and reds during mating season.

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At the tip of the peninsula, it is sometimes possible to see the beautiful Flightless Cormorant

Punta Espinoza is a small inlet framed by mangroves where Galapagos Penguins and colorful Galapagos Crabs can be seen, as well as herons and sandpipers.

At Punta Espinoza, don't miss the opportunity to see the black lava rocks, and walk among pelicans, frigates, and the largest population of marine iguanas.

Visit Fernandina Galapagos Island and enjoy its black sand beaches, rocky shores and spectacular wildlife.

If you're lucky (you never know) you might witness a volcanic eruption which is one of the most incredible experiences in the Galapagos Islands.

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