The Flag of Ecuador

The Flag of Ecuador (as you will see in the following picture), is composed basically of three colors:

YellowBlue and Red


And right in the middle of the flag it has the national shield or coat of arms.

Below the picture, I will proceed to explain in detail the meaning of each color, and of its components.

flag of ecuador

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Meaning of Each Color on Ecuador's Flag

  • Yellow: This color is a bit wider than the other two and it means the Sun and the Gold of our ancestors.
  • Blue: It means the Sky and the Sea of our country.
  • Red: It means the Blood that our patriots and heroes gave for freedom.

Meaning of the Coat of Arms in the Flag of Ecuador

  • The Condor: (big bird) On top of the shield, means the Power and Strength of our country.
  • The Snow Mountain: Means the Height or Altitude of Ecuador.
  • The River: Means the beauty of its waters.
  • The Boat: Means the Commerce trade and Navigation.
  • The Olive Leaves: Means Peace and Beauty.
  • The Sun: Its meaning is the God of our Ancestors

Where is Ecuador located?

Ecuador is one of the smallest countries in South America. It lies in both the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres, and is divided by the Equator which gave Ecuador its name in the 19th Century.

Ecuador borders with Colombia (North), Peru (South and East), and the Pacific Ocean (West).

Also, the famous Galapagos Islands (home to the theory of evolution by Darwin) belong to the country of Ecuador since 1832.

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